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Re: Theos-World Re: Authority of thought

Oct 22, 2000 05:41 PM
by Eugene Carpenter

Todd. You have written very beautifully, and I can see you understand and
are not alone. It must be that one realizes that one is the planetary logos
but doesn't have the consciousness yet to contact the others, momentarily,
like the amoeba prior to sensing the other of it's own kind.

One has gone from self-consciousness to group consciousness and the path to
solar logoic consciousness stretches out ahead.

Thankyou. Everything you wrote resonates wonderfully well especially if I
"sense" it mostly with my heart.


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> Hi Gene,
> >Thanks. I agree. Up to a point. Then with
> >a wonderful sense of all that was learned in
> >past lives from "others" we walk on ahead alone(all one).
> I love your use of the term "alone (all one)" and remember clearly that
> point being made in my personal study. I have contemplated that notion of
> aloneness, both in the sense of actuality and as illusion. An interesting
> point on aloneness, perhaps, is the experience of it as a glamour. It is
> said that the most difficult stage of initiation is when taking the 4th.
> Prior to this, the individual has been experiencing themself as one *with*
> everything, as containing the same nature (particularly by the 3rd
> initiation). If I could generalize here and speak crudely, "the
> is walking around feeling a sense of union with nature around them,
> identificaiton with it all, and loving everything". But there is still a
> subtle sense of "subject-object" in that view of "loving others". At the
> fourth, the realization occurs that there is no "other" to Love. There is
> *only* the One. There is no object/thing to love anymore. You are not
> *with* all *are* all things. You are ALONE (ALL ONE) in
> the universe. That, from the limited perspective that I currently
> possess, would seem to me to be one of the most "lonely" experiences for
> the personality to endure. It blows my mind. Just something to think
> about....
> Todd

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