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Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 16, 2000 11:31 PM
by Todd Lorentz

>> According to C.W. Leadbeater, the place of the Christ in the White 
>> was the place of a Boddhisatva, a human being near to the
>> a Buddha. But, I donīt know if HPB said something about the
>> the Christ. Did she do it? What did she said?
>> Shouldnīt we consider the Christ, in accordance to what he said
>> Bible, as an Avatara? 

For interest's sake:
Benjamin Creme's Master has stated that Maitreya is a 7th degree
initiate and that the Buddha is an 8th degree initiate. Maitreya and the
Buddha both appear at the Wesak festival where the energy from the Buddha
(Will of God) is transferred to Maitreya and blended by Maitryea with the
energy of Love which He embodies. The Buddha acts as an intermediary
between the Hierarchy (with Maitreya at its Head in the Office of the
Christ) and Shamballa.
Maitreya is the "World Teacher" for this age and sits at the head of the
Hierarchy as the "Eldest" of the *Human* family. The Buddhist's have His
name right and expect the fifth Buddha, Maitreya, to return from the
Tushita Heaven. While the Buddha is "more advanced", so to speak, than
Maitreya, He evolved originally along the moon chain, whereas, Maitreya is
an evolutionary product of the earth chain. 
Further, Jesus was a senior initiate (4th degree initiate) who was
overshadowed by Maitreya for the last three years of his life - from the
Baptism to the Crucifixion. As Alice Bailey recounts in "From Bethlehem to
Calvary", the life of Jesus demonstrated (among other things) the five
major initiations for Mankind. The fourth was demonstrated by Jesus in the
"Great Renunciation" on the cross. It was Maitreya who further
demonstrated the fifth - The Ascension - using the body of Jesus, and later
spoke with the disciples saying to "look for the water bearer" (the age of
Aquarius) and that He would return at the end of the Age (foretelling the
return of Maitreya at this time).


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