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Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 16, 2000 04:08 PM
by ernesto

Hello Group:

According to C.W. Leadbeater, the place of the Christ in the White Lodge
was the place of a Boddhisatva, a human being near to the perfection of
a Buddha. But, I donīt know if HPB said something about the "grade" of
the Christ. Did she do it? What did she said?

Shouldnīt we consider the Christ, in accordance to what he said in the
Bible, as an Avatara? But it means, at least as I understand, that he
canīt be considered as Leadbeater considered him (a human being with the
grade of Boddhisatva). If the Christ is an Avatara, he is a being
higher than all human beings -including the Buddha-. Higher, also, than
angels and archangels, as St. Paul says somewhere. The first being, in
the scale of grades (again as St. Paul seems to say).

Is it really so? What did HPB said about that? Who where, in
accordance to her (not to Leadbeater), the Father, the Christ and the
Holy Spirit?

Following with the matter of the Christ, if we know the invariability of
the law of karma and the certainty of the reincarnation, how do we have
to understand that an Avatara -or may be merely an Adept, if the Christ
was that- id go to die in the Cross. It seems to me very simplist, and
little real, the explanation that the Christ desired to merely represent
the process of iniciation. Why, then, to make this process real in
himself untill the death in a Cross? That is what such an explanation
canīt really explain. Instead of that, the existence of a cosmogonical
or historical reason (in the "sacred history" or esoteric history) seems
to be quite more capable to guive an explanation.

I would like to hear your reflections about these matters, because I
donīt have these things clear.


David C.

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