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The Scientific Evidence For Past Lives

Oct 16, 2000 08:50 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

A popular book is now available with the story and findings of Ian Stevenson's research concerning the scientific evidence for past lives.  It is called OLD SOULS and is by Tom Shroder.  It came out in 1999 published by Simon and Schuster.  This Dr. Stevenson's work is partly resposible for the establishment of The Society of Scientific Exploration.  He is a well-respected scientist and physcian.  The journal of the society is one of the few, if not the only, refereed scientific journals devoted to trying to understand scientific anomalies.  Their web page is:
I highly recommend the journal and the society.  Their next meeting within the United States will be in La Jolla, California this June.  Please consider coming to the meeting and joining this society.  I have been to about six annual meetings and they have all been excellant, both the people and the information.

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