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Re: Kundalini

Oct 16, 2000 11:06 AM
by Estrella


> Had seen auras very occasionally under
> certain conditions, never consistently or vividly, until spring 1995,
on a
> trip to California to speak on my books to the Oakland TS. Quite
> the last day there it was as if someone flipped a switch and I was
> extremely vivid auras around people all the time. This lasted not for

> days or months but years, although the effect gradually wore off.


> The real problem with waiting for the time to be ripe, is that we
never know
> when that time is going to be. If we are unprepared, a psychological
> often results. But trying to force kundalini or siddhas has problems
too. I
> suspect that the best approach for Theosophists is to study up on
> and occult phenomena, and then if it comes to you, you will be able to

> understand it, to put it into some kind of worldview besides "I must
> going nuts." The approach that I took myself years ago is to try a
> forcing, and this has worked for me pretty well over the years. Using
> Kundalini Yoga, for example, I was able to increase my body
temperature by 5
> degrees (called "psychic heat") whereas a well-trained yogi can get up
to 15
> and even 20 degrees.
Wow!! Interesting subject, Paul, do you think you can tell us more of
your experience?? I was investigating a certain subject that experienced
auric vision, for some years. I do not know what is happening here.

Paul, Jerry, how is it possible that for some pepole (I have found
this to be very powerful on teens) experience "sudden" bursts of auric
or faculties and that, and for others, the "gradual" experience that you
tell works better??
Or it could work better a "combination" of both? I founded with my
little research, that the gradual developement of a power, slowly, not
forcing it
but slow, from time to time, almost as a hobby, that the subject of my
research developed a somewhat permanent hability,
like, the guy knows "from inside" from the very sudden experimented
"burst", that the power "is" permanent, although he doesn't sees it all
the time,
only with some concentration, but from time to time he experiments
sudden "visions" and gradually are more powerful and vivid , normally
he doesn't
see things, but when concentration is around, he can control the flow,
but occasionaly he sees it when he is not normally finding it.

Why is this? I really do not understand it. which will be the best
way? gradually and slowly as you said? what happens with sudden bursts
Paul's? It is less permanent, it gets lost? by the way , this subject
has no idea of kundalini yoga, only some basic hatha yoga experience.
books, that's all. between we know we are trying to understand what
happens, is like when spiderman had is powers the first time, he.

What has to deal Kundalini with this factors?? I knew that kundalini
power did make the individual get the sudden "flowering" of the siddhis
psychic habilities. he tried as many teens to awaken it once. Am I

If you two can tell me more on the subject, i will be delighted,
that would be very good on my small research.


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