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Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 17, 2000 08:07 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Todd wrote:
> Benjamin Creme's Master has stated that Maitreya is a 7th degree
>initiate and that the Buddha is an 8th degree initiate. Maitreya and the

For Benjamin Creme also such guys as Hitler and Stalin are high initiates,
so how trustful is he?

>energy of Love which He embodies. The Buddha acts as an intermediary
>between the Hierarchy (with Maitreya at its Head in the Office of the
>Christ) and Shamballa.

One should bear in mind that such a kind of Hierarchy which is described
here and was taught by AB/AAB/CWL and the like is NOT supported by the
original Theosophy by HPB. And HPB taught further and in contradiction to
the later claims of AB/AAB/CWL that Christ was no person and will NOT

> Maitreya is the "World Teacher" for this age and sits at the head of the
>Hierarchy as the "Eldest" of the *Human* family. The Buddhist's have His

But for many Theosophists it is Madame Blavatsky who served as the messenger
for the new age...

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