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Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 18, 2000 04:28 PM
by Dennis Kier

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

> Todd wrote:
> > Benjamin Creme's Master has stated that Maitreya is a 7th
> >initiate and that the Buddha is an 8th degree initiate. Maitreya
and the
> For Benjamin Creme also such guys as Hitler and Stalin are high
> so how trustful is he?
> >energy of Love which He embodies. The Buddha acts as an
> >between the Hierarchy (with Maitreya at its Head in the Office of
> >Christ) and Shamballa.
> One should bear in mind that such a kind of Hierarchy which is
> here and was taught by AB/AAB/CWL and the like is NOT supported by
> original Theosophy by HPB. And HPB taught further and in
contradiction to
> the later claims of AB/AAB/CWL that Christ was no person and will
> return.
> > Maitreya is the "World Teacher" for this age and sits at the
head of the
> >Hierarchy as the "Eldest" of the *Human* family. The Buddhist's
have His
> But for many Theosophists it is Madame Blavatsky who served as the
> for the new age...
> Frank

I seem to recall that HPB said that when the Masters acted through
her, for their teachings, and the letters she conveyed to others,
these teachings picked up things from her own consciousness,
especially if the Master was not in good command of the language that
was being written in.

She said that she had to get the throught, and then form it in
English, in her mind, to put it down on paper. So those teachings that
came through her picked up a great deal of her beliefs and her culture
mixed in with the culture of the Masters.

If AAB was getting the same messages, in the same way, then one could
expect the teachings and writings to be tinged with the language,
thought patterns, and background of AAB when they appeared on paper.

So, it would seem to me that the criticism of those who knew and
worked with HPB that the new teachings were not identical with the
thought patterns of HPB, would be quite valid, and in fact, if what
HPB said about the transmission was true, if the thought patterns were
identical with those of HPB, you could strongly suggest that it was
bogus. If, on the other hand, it was different, and mirrored the
patterns of AAB, it would be possible that it came from a similar

Is it possible that the piece byAlice Leighton Cleather and Basil
Crump is a "spin" job by those who wish to deify HPB. The charge that
there was a group in the TS that wanted to deify HPB was made by
Olcott, as justification for his writing of The Old Diary Leaves. This
was, of course, before his death, so he was aware of a movement within
the organization of down-grading any other writing, and accepting the
writings of HPB as the only divinely inspired writing permitted within
the organization.

It is interesting to see all the writings of individuals within the
various branches of the organization, that are accepted by some and
rejected by others right down to this day.

I feel that I can read all the field and use my own intuition to
determine what feels right, and what doesn't, just as COMPILER says
she did.


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