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Re: Theos-World Re: Authority of thought

Oct 22, 2000 11:51 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

Thankyou, Nick. In the context of the conditioned world of empircism I
agree with you that no man is an island. We must share opinions and help
each other experience the world, but when it comes to getting into
heaven(Atma-Buddhi-(Higher)Manas) we each need to understand the
Self-evident Truth ourselves and make our own deductions and understand the
proofs that each deductive step is true and certain. In tuning a piano
opinion doesn't help me much. The proper tone to start with is important.
The proper tools are important and then testing each tuning and proving to
myself that the tuning is proper, is important. Opinion of others seems
important in the inductive logical realm but not in the deductive logical
realm. We either understand or we don't. In one we start with particulars
and together work our way upwards. In the other we see the universal
fundamentals and work downward through the intuition by deductive logic.

This is mere opinion. Admittedly I'm a big wanna-be, very dependent on the
opinions of others, but I'm learning to think for myself as I become more
and more alone(all one).


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> From: "Eugene Carpenter" <>
> > None of us can depend on authority or anyone else to do our thinking and
> > understanding.
> Conversely, no one can depend only on "our" own thinking. No man is an
> island, in our thought-life especially. An original thought is rarer than
> hen's teeth. To try to ignore the thoughts of "others" whether
> or not, and focus only on what seems to be "our" thoughts, just fosters
> self-centeredness.
> >Oh to find and do that which we truly love doing
> > and tolerate the expressions of all others bound in the same process! It
> > this that translates love into action.
> Which surely includes tolerating expressions of criticism without
> For is not love "long-suffering"?
> Fare Thee Well,
> Nicholas <> <> Los Angeles

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