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Re: Theos-World Re: Authority of thought

Oct 22, 2000 12:18 PM
by Nick Weeks

From: "Eugene Carpenter" <>

> Thankyou, Nick. In the context of the conditioned world of empircism I
> agree with you that no man is an island. We must share opinions and help
> each other experience the world, but when it comes to getting into
> heaven(Atma-Buddhi-(Higher)Manas) we each need to understand the
> Self-evident Truth ourselves and make our own deductions and understand the
> proofs that each deductive step is true and certain.

Nothing was said about "opinion", only thought, i.e. the content of our
awareness. I was just trying to suggest that our feelings, words, thoughts,
even our motives, are very much dependent on the surrounding astral/
mental/sensory atmosphere. What we DO with that content is where the
"self-induced and self-devised" individual's control of his evolution comes

Therefore why put up any attitudinal barriers to the source of inspiration?
What does it matter if it comes from "outside" us in the form of an
"opinion"? We are the ones who decide what to embrace or reject, whether the
feeling, thought, vision etc. is supposedly "internal" or "external". If we
always accept the "internal" believing it is "ours" and thus "truer" and
reject the "external" believing it to be "theirs" and thus less true, then
delusion is virtually guaranteed. Discrimination or discernment are a key.
The source of what is pondered on is irrelevant.

> In tuning a piano
> opinion doesn't help me much. The proper tone to start with is important.
> The proper tools are important and then testing each tuning and proving to
> myself that the tuning is proper, is important.

If one knows nothing about piano tuning for oneself, then no tool or tone
will help. Perhaps there are savants who are born with piano tuning skills
remembered perfectly from another life -- but most of us need guidance. What
form that takes varies.

Fare Thee Well,

Nicholas <> <> Los Angeles

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