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Re: Theos-World Re: Authority of thought

Oct 22, 2000 01:40 PM
by Eugene Carpenter


Thanks. I agree. Up to a point. Then with a wonderful sense of all that
was learned in past lives from "others" we walk on ahead alone(all one).

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> From: "Eugene Carpenter" <>
> > Thankyou, Nick. In the context of the conditioned world of empircism I
> > agree with you that no man is an island. We must share opinions and
> > each other experience the world, but when it comes to getting into
> > heaven(Atma-Buddhi-(Higher)Manas) we each need to understand the
> > Self-evident Truth ourselves and make our own deductions and understand
> > proofs that each deductive step is true and certain.
> Nothing was said about "opinion", only thought, i.e. the content of our
> awareness. I was just trying to suggest that our feelings, words,
> even our motives, are very much dependent on the surrounding astral/
> mental/sensory atmosphere. What we DO with that content is where the
> "self-induced and self-devised" individual's control of his evolution
> in.
> Therefore why put up any attitudinal barriers to the source of
> What does it matter if it comes from "outside" us in the form of an
> "opinion"? We are the ones who decide what to embrace or reject, whether
> feeling, thought, vision etc. is supposedly "internal" or "external". If
> always accept the "internal" believing it is "ours" and thus "truer" and
> reject the "external" believing it to be "theirs" and thus less true, then
> delusion is virtually guaranteed. Discrimination or discernment are a
> The source of what is pondered on is irrelevant.
> > In tuning a piano
> > opinion doesn't help me much. The proper tone to start with is
> > The proper tools are important and then testing each tuning and proving
> > myself that the tuning is proper, is important.
> If one knows nothing about piano tuning for oneself, then no tool or tone
> will help. Perhaps there are savants who are born with piano tuning
> remembered perfectly from another life -- but most of us need guidance.
> form that takes varies.
> Fare Thee Well,
> Nicholas <> <> Los Angeles

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