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Re: Theos-World Re: Authority of thought

Oct 22, 2000 05:00 PM
by Todd Lorentz

Hi Gene,

>Thanks. I agree. Up to a point. Then with 
>a wonderful sense of all that was learned in 
>past lives from "others" we walk on ahead alone(all one).

I love your use of the term "alone (all one)" and remember clearly that
point being made in my personal study. I have contemplated that notion of
aloneness, both in the sense of actuality and as illusion. An interesting
point on aloneness, perhaps, is the experience of it as a glamour. It is
said that the most difficult stage of initiation is when taking the 4th.
Prior to this, the individual has been experiencing themself as one *with*
everything, as containing the same nature (particularly by the 3rd
initiation). If I could generalize here and speak crudely, "the individual
is walking around feeling a sense of union with nature around them, finding
identificaiton with it all, and loving everything". But there is still a
subtle sense of "subject-object" in that view of "loving others". At the
fourth, the realization occurs that there is no "other" to Love. There is
*only* the One. There is no object/thing to love anymore. You are not one
*with* all *are* all things. You are ALONE (ALL ONE) in
the universe. That, from the limited perspective that I currently
possess, would seem to me to be one of the most "lonely" experiences for
the personality to endure. It blows my mind. Just something to think


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