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Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 22, 2000 09:09 AM
by Eugene Carpenter

None of us can depend on authority or anyone else to do our thinking and
understanding. Blavatsky, Bailey, D.K., etc may think clearly and
understand that thought deeply. If so it is because of many lives of
practice and effort. I understand the Buddha said He did not teach the
written Veda; he taught the Veda written in the Heart. It is not until we
each learn to meditate in our own choosen way that we learn about the
creative contemplative life. The source is the one life we all share
together and express as best we can through many and varied ways. Many of
us have many qualities that are advanced and shining, but each of us must
develop all the qualities of life into the advanced and shining state. It
is to each of us to become the best human being that we can be. This may be
from reading and studying, leading a nation or helping to civilize the world
or combinations thereof. Oh to find and do that which we truely love doing
and tolerate the expressions of all others bound in the same process! It is
this that translates love into action.


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> Dennis Kier wrote:
> > If AAB was getting the same messages, in the same way, then one could
> > expect the teachings and writings to be tinged with the language,
> > thought patterns, and background of AAB when they appeared on paper.
> That has been my supposition, as well. When comparing Blavatsky's
> "inspired" writings vs. her other writings, and comparing Bailey's
> "inspired" writings vs. HER other writings, one can see what sort of
> things might be edited out. I, for one, notice that Blavatsky made a
> concerted effort to supress her personal prejudices; Bailey does not
> make anywhere nearly as much of an effort. Her fundamentalist Christian
> background, her racism and religionism are apparent in her unchannelled
> writings, and can be found in the channeled works, as well, once you
> know what to look for. Which, in turn, makes it easier to find the gems
> among the chaff (of course, I find far more chaff than most, but that
> could be my OWN prejudices....)
> Bart Lidofsky

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