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RE: theos-l digest: October 21, 2000 APPEALING TO THEOSOPHY

Oct 22, 2000 03:25 AM
by Dallas Tenbroeck

Oct. 22 2000

Dear Kym:

As I understand it there are in Theosophy various aspects.

1. Doctrines which have been preserved by the ancient
cultures, religions, philosophies and traditions.

2. Disciplines for those who elect to study and learn from
those systems and what they can offer.

3. Several keys are offered (SD II 334-5) and elsewhere for
us to use if we so elect.

4. Every aspect of learning, testing, experiencing, etc...
are spoken of and discussed.

5. Each student being inherently a free-willed Monad is
never coerced into any discipline or study. Freedom and
Brotherhood are the keys to the external Unity of Theosophy and
its students and practitioners in the world. Openness is the
only way in which we may all have even access to TRUTH. Science
to be true has to consider all aspects and facts, so as to derive
an accurate vision and concept of motive, action, result and what
an ideal ought to be in such a case. But, none of us with
imperfect vision can set ideals for others or advocate them.

6. Obviously if one does not study the record of Theosophy,
(I mean the literature left to us primarily by HPB and the
Masters in Their articles and letters) one is not in a position
to debate it either pro or con. Such discussion as has real and
continuing value arises between students who have made themselves
familiar with the records, and can discuss them accurately

7. HPB on behalf of the Lodge of the Great Adepts made an
effort to draw together and expose for consideration a mass of
material which was considered spiritual, esoteric, occult, etc..
down the ages in various cultures, etc...She shows common links,
Laws of Nature, and allegories, and points to a universal history
of mankind and the many traditions available. She states that
the Adepts have studied this panorama and know its details well.
They have invited us to study it also.

To me THEOSOPHY represents both a record and a method of study,
and of work and interaction. But seeing Karma operates
incessantly and invariably, each is free to make decisions from
moment to moment. I also think it is important to stress the
concept of reincarnation of the Spiritual the noble and the true
inner man (that point of consciousness in each of us which is
able to detachedly, and impersonally watch the actions of the
desires, the mind and the physical body. For this REAL MAN (and
WOMAN) there is the continuity of consciousness and memory which
makes all these considerations and study worthwhile. If we are
sure that all we have worked for "dies" with the body and brain
at the time of physical death, then there is small effort for
continuing efforts and study.

Information may be considered and judicious weight be given to
any given item that merits consideration -- and again, there is
no coercion in this method and opportunity.

With this in view and while there may be many personal opinions,
there ought to be also some area of debate on WHAT THEOSOPHY
TEACHES -- appealing to the record left to us to study.

And further, no one can assume the right to tell anyone else how
or where to study. Decisions have to be left to the common sense
and volition of each individual. In fact there is no other way
in which anyone advances, in any case, even in the structure of a
curriculum. But one can always consult and exchange views and
thoughts and ask questions that may open the doors of search and
thought for the future weal of all of us.

I think this is a sound basis for our meetings and thinking
together, is it not?


D. T. B.

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Dallas wrote:

>Do we truly know what Theosophy has taught concerning this vast

No, because Theosophy itself does not offer hard and fast rules
any subject. In every examination of Theosophical "Truths",
Theosophy also
provides a loophole, a "but", an "if", an exception.
interpretations of Theosophy may not provide these "maybes," but
Theosophy does.

As Bart reminded me, and Theosophy claims: It is a SEARCH for

And the search itself is not an answer. If it was an answer,
there would
be no need for search.


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