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RE: Abortion & nature's design

Oct 22, 2000 11:09 AM
by Dallas Tenbroeck

As Iread the literature the Spiritual Soul of the REAL MAN  (ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS) reincarnates under Karma.  It is the eternal Pilgrim (Monad)and is imperishable.


As we currently live our lives from moment to moment we make choices.  These choices are either harmonious or disharmonious in regard to Nature, which is a vast KARMIC envelope from which none is exempt, nor can anyone escape from it and its restrictions.


The vehicle used by it (the Reincarnating Ego) for this purpose is also assembled by Karma -- an aspect of the great law that sees to providing the right “skandhas” at the correct time (of incarnation) to those who under Karma are destined to provide the “new” home  (actually reassembled from old material which is also imperishable)


It seems to me that abortion is an external intervention (on the physical plane) that terminates the life of the incoming assembly of Ego and Body (vehicle) along with all the intermediary links (related to the intervening “principles.”


The motive for an abortion alters according to need.  If the forthcoming child body is a threat to the mother’s life, then a decision to remove it may be made, and so on in various degrees -- but, allare motives, and will bear their Karmic consequences. 


It seems to me that in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) as also in other places in the Literature attention to the details of this situation is described.  I think we ought to refer to thatso that we at least know what the Theosophical arguments are.


Best wishes,




D. T. B.


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In HPB's article Theories about Reincarnation and Spirits  she gives a reason why abortion works against the spiritual evolution of the soul within the aborted form.  Those aborted bodies will be, of course,  about 50% female. 


"Reincarnation i.e., the appearance of thesame individual, or rather of his astral monad, twice on the same planet isnot a rule in nature, it is an exception, like the teratological phenomenon of a two-headed infant. It is preceded by a violation of the laws of harmony of nature, and happens only when the latter seeking to restore its disturbed equilibrium, violently throws back into earth-life the astral monad which had been tossed out of the circle of necessity by crime or accident. Thus in cases of abortion, of infants dying before a certain age, and of congenital and incurable idiocy, nature's original design to produce a perfect human being, has been interrupted. Therefore, while the gross matter of each of these several entities is suffered to disperse itself at death, through the vast realm of being, the immortal spirit and astral monad of the individual--the latter having been set apart to animate a frame and the former to shed its divine light on the corporeal organization--must try a second time to carry out the purposeof the creative intelligence. (Isis I, 351.)

Here the "astral monad" or body of the deceased personality--say of John or Thomas--is meant. It is that which, in the teachings of the Esoteric philosophy of Hinduism, is known under its name of bhoot; in the Greek philosophy is called the simulacrum or umbra, and in all other philosophies worthy of the name is said, as taught in the former, to disappear after a certain period more or less prolonged in Kama-loka--the Limbus of the Roman Catholics, or Hades of the Greeks. It is "a violation of the laws of harmony of nature," though it be so decreed by those of Karma--every time that the astral monad, or the simulacrum of the personality--of John or Thomas--instead of running down to the end of its natural period of time in a body--finds itself (a) violently thrown out of it by whether early death or accident; or (b) is compelled in consequence of its unfinished task to re-appear (i.e., the same astral body wedded to the same immortal monad) on earth again, in order to complete the unfinished task. Thus "it must try a second time to carry out the purpose of creative intelligence" or law."

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