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Re: Theos-World Info about HPB & Alice Bailey

Oct 23, 2000 05:44 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

no good Theosophist will accept anything in metaphysics on authority only. That was HPBs way and it is consonant with a series of spritual teachers through the ages.
But by point was not that you waste your time by studying Bailey. It is your time. My point was only that I have found out that the Bailey writings are not true Theosophy, but rather Theosophy misunderstood, if not faked. I only protest that Bailey is described as Theosophist or even as successor of HPB. You have all the right to study and to love Bailey. But if you take the right to call he a Theosophist, I too take the right to call her a Pseudo-Theosophist.
Many beginners in Theosophy have neither the time nor the energy to study 15.000 Blavatsky pages and the Bailey stuff too andthen come to own conclusions. You need not only time, silence but additional much discrimination power. My hints were for those people, not for those who can study and find out for themselves. I know of many people who have studied their whole life with all their will and heart power, 4 and five decades, but they cannot intellectually explain the difference between Bailey and Blavatskya lthough they feel it. For those are the comments. I don't force you to believe my comments.
Thankyou, Frank.  The Chinese have a saying, "Put your worst foot forward."
I think that people can look at all the bad things being said about Bailey
and then avoid looking at the material, especially Cosmic Fire and Rays and
the Intitiations and save themselves alot of "wasted" time.  It is wonderful
when one is intelligent enough to see, clearly, that a certain way is the
wrong way and warn others.  And it is important for others to heed these
warnings.  I've spent 25 years studying Blavatsky and Bailey and I've
sacrificed the traditional medical career in orderto do this.  But.  You
know?  It will be worth it when I discover, the hard way, that the Bailey
Books are false and all these years of love of them and of studying were
wasted.  Then I will have solidly learned, by my own choosen experience, of
which way not to go and can then come back to the true path no longer
tempted like those poor fools that still find in them(the 24 volumes of
A.A.B) a deeply attractive force in the world of sorrow and confusion.
There is the electric fire, the energy of the entire mental state of
consciousness.  There is the solar fire, the energy of the mental body of
each of us, and then there is the fire by friction, the energy of the
relationship  of electric fire and solar fire, wherein we learn the hard way
by many many lives of hard own experience.  One day we will all wise up.
"Those who know do least."


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