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Re: Theos-World Info about HPB & Alice Bailey

Oct 18, 2000 07:54 AM
by Eugene Carpenter


True. Alice Bailey is only for some. I have found the materials wonderful,
well organized, to say the least, and the best source of information on the
ancient wisdom in English that is available. I have also read all of HPB's
texts several times over a twenty-five year period and they are the best
too. HPB communicates with the academic community and Bailey gives indepth
knowedge to those who accept what HPB writes and wish to go further into the
studies. HPB gives oodles of references and Bailey gives only a few. HPB
let's scholars know of the ancient wisdom teachings and Bailey then gives
forth the teachings in the english language. HPB points out that all of the
available sources are veiled or distorted by overly zealous editors, etc.
and Bailey gives out a set of books that can sooth that source of angst.
One set is more suitable to the intellectual/academic community and is
written primarily for them; the other for the intuitive community who have
already been convinced by HPB that theosophy is where it is at.

This is all mere opinion which counts for little within this field. Each
lives their own life and wisely is lead to think for themselves. There are
different ashrams and as in the exoteric churches it is often the least
knowledgable that are the most in conflict with each other and with the
other sects/ashrams. Rational minds converge. I may not be there now, but
I'll meet you there. There are those who love HPB and don't love Bailey.
There are those who love Bailey but don't love HPB. There are those who
love and respect both. Anyway, for all of us it can be an exercise in
tolerlance; an opportunity to learn from one another.


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