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Re: Theos-World Info about HPB & Alice Bailey

Oct 18, 2000 02:51 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>ancient wisdom in English that is available. I have also read all of HPB's
>texts several times over a twenty-five year period and they are the best
>too. HPB communicates with the academic community and Bailey gives indepth

That is your opninon, Eugene. I have read both writers too and I came to
otehr conclusions. There is nothing of really worth in the Bailey writings,
all Theosophy simplified and distorted on the dead letter plane. No life in
The Edmonton TS has the reprint of "The Pseudo-Occultism of Mrs. A Bailey"
in its programe. Very helpful for beginners to open the eyes and look
There you find in the intro by the authors, wellknown Theosophists Alice L.
Cleather (HPB pupil) and Basil Crump, a quote from Master KH from p. 322 of
the Mahatma letter, why Bailey forced the Christian church sheme under the
mask and with the terms of HPB:
"'The opposition represents enormous vested interests, and they have
enthusiastic help from the Dugpas - in Bhutan an the Vatican!' - Hence the
Christian terminology that characterises some of their efforts in the realm
of Occultism."

>love and respect both. Anyway, for all of us it can be an exercise in
>tolerlance; an opportunity to learn from one another.

I agree, everyone is free to follow whom he wants, but the border line is
when such teachings like those are labeled as Theosophy and therefore
misleads the public.
Steiner too changed the teachings like AAB, but he was so fair to give it a
new name. If Bailey would have labeled it XYZ, then no Theosophist would be
forced to protest.

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