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Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 18, 2000 02:51 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>We aught not rigidly stand in one spot and crystalize H.P.B.'s works.  That
>is the real danger here.  If we stand in our own little center of the world
>and claim that we have the last word on esotericism because HPB said it,
>then we have struck the death blow to Theosophy.  Theosophy is a "living
>philosophy".  It is meant to be lived.  It must breathe and grow.  If we
>draw rigid lines around HPB's teachings then it will quickly become
>insufficient for a growing humanity.  Granted, we must also be careful not
>substantiate every little self-proclaimed guru that comes along.  Always
>theneed for open-minded discrimination.
The make-believe of the return of Christ is forme black magic, either if you like the words or not.
It is not those who protect HPB that crystalizeher, but those who try to lay her words in her mouth in direction of Christ and believe in Hierarchies and outer authorities. That is the Vatican line. ForHPB it is the dugpa line. For me too. You are right, I know you not personally but I claim the same right as you to speak out here. What motive you have or not have is not my business. I state that you have no arguments against the original quotes of HPB against the deadly believe of a Christ. And the Great Invocation is Black Magic, eitehr you like it or not. That is the truth and no crystalization. All people and all organizations which pray down forces from above are black for HPB. And also for me.
There are not two truths and you can't rub out the clear teaching HPB gave in trying to be liberal and open. When HPB says Christ is no person and will never return it is very sound and clear and no rhetoric can put it otherwise.
I assume that the Share Organization of Benjamin Creme is one of the many Lodges of the Jesuits. All what is promtoed by Share and Creme has the handwriting of Rome (like most of the UFO scene).

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