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Re: Theos-World Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 19, 2003 01:24 PM
by wry

Hi. In answer to your question, below: it has been very difficult for me
personally to grasp the concept that being fully conscious, in itself, can
change the world, as, at first, second or third look, this seemed to me to
be ridiculous. I have actively pondered and struggled with the question of
this concept for very many years, without being able to verify it as a
concrete truth, but finally, after the last eleven years of doing active
experimentation involving myself and many people, I have come to understand
how this could actually be the case, and at least some of the specific
dynamics of it. I do NOT care to go into detail about this here, but it has
something to do the theory of a certain biologist with whom I believe you
are familiar and also with the work of Bohm and Hiley along a certain
direction. It also has to do with the way the human brain works and with the
principles of locality as pertains to non-locality. None of this really
matters here, though.

It would be wonderful to have an enquiry on the nature of consciousness. IF
you do not conceive of consciousness as a form of material, or a field, it
might be more difficult to understand some of this. In any case, the point,
which I have raised on here more than once, is that a person paying
attention while walking down the street is less likely to bump into a
telephone pole (which I have actually done once). Though this is a real
experience I had, the telephone pole is a symbol. If I am paying full
attention I am also less likely to be a capitalist pig, as I will perceive
similarities between myself and the other which will override the
differences and generate empathy or compassion.

This is not a full explanation, but the introduction to the bare beginning
of a potential enquiry. Complimentary questions to this all are: how the
development of human discrimination plays into all of this, the subject of
deceptive human perception and the ILLUSION of change, greater or conscious
DOING and its implications, whether or not it is possible for human beings
to establish a universal brotherhood among great masses of people without
the achievement of a radical transformation of consciousness in at least
certain individuals. prior to the acomplishment of this task, the subject of
the group UNCONSCIOUS and how it works and can be affected by a small group
of CONSCIOUS individuals with CONSCIENCE, as well as genuine working
knowledge, and there is even more, that is extremely significant , such as
the various DENSITIES of different materials and how they interconnect and

To proceed in the direction of helping many people (or even one other) is a
serious responsibility. If you do not understand why a certain atmosphere
needs to be established and/or do not believe it can be established and MUST
be established, as there is GREAT URGENCY and NOT unlimited time, then we
are of differing opinions on this matter. Also, it is important to enquire
into the nature of knowledge itself and its ASSIMILATION. Maybe if we
enquire further into these important topics, difference will be resolved in
a way we do not yet understand. Sincerely, Wry

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> In the meantime, I have a question for Wry (or the group, if they can
> it)... Besides cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, working, making
> (or is that, money), etc., and observing it all impartially without
> about what is happening in the world (which seems to me to be a bit like
> without its Buddha vision) -- what else (besides not worrying about it) do
> have to do to become spiritually awakened enough to be able to counteract
> magic of the dark side New World Orderers that intend to readjust our
> individual and group karma against our will, and/or make us live, think,
> learn, work, worship, pray, etc., and/or die in this world according to
> dictates?
> Hopefully,
> (we'll all see the light -- when we each put on the cap of clear vision.)
> P.S. But, not too clear -- so as to see the true reality from only one of
> four directions. (That is, until the other three are fully awakened. .
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