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RE: Trust In what ?

Jan 19, 2003 01:22 PM
by dalval14

Jan 19 2003

Dear Friends:

Trust is a wonderful word. But does it give any protection against

Are we, if we "believe, if we "place our blind faith in," exonerated
from any responsibility ? ( Say, the responsibility of thinking ? of,
making decisions? of, separating insofar as we are able, the good
from the bad, the true from the false and then selecting the path we
will follow ?)

One thing is clear, the statutes and written Laws of every country I
know of -- which are supposed to deal with equality and fairness to
all citizens or visitors -- place blame on any one who makes moral
transgressions. Apparently we are all expected to be fully aware of
these under all local laws.

Another weight to be placed in the pan of "righteousness' is the fact
that every scam under the sun is always presented as though it was a
service, a gift, or something that could be purchased for far less
than its real worth, that was "lily pure." Why does evil always
shelter itself behind apparent and superficial "good ?" Now that this
a real puzzle.

Is it not time to clear up all the arguments and discussions about
right and wrong? As well as to claims about "unseen and
unapproachable authorities?" {Leaving all current interpretations and
apologies aside.]

Truth does not bow to claims. Nor do claimants, loud or silent, make
any difference to FACTS.

The simple way of deciding if something is either correct, and
according to universal LAW, or not, is to compare the descriptions
(claims ?) made (if in writing or symbol) side by side. Simple logic,
common sense, and plain speaking make it clear in a moment what is
valuable and what is chaff.

What then remains to be soothed? Only ruffled feathers. And the duck
waggles its tail and goes on after the shower.

Our opinions, all of them are only opinions -- and they bounce off
facts and TRUTH. -- Like water off the proverbial duck's tail.

H.P.Blavatsky said that every sect or creed had a modicum of truth in
it. It make no difference WHO said it. It either is true or it is

The main question remains: are the statements offered delaying in true
progress or are they assists ?

Two important factors ought to be decided, each for themselves:

1. whether the interior CONSCIOUSNESS of each one of us ((The REAL
SELF -- ATMA)) is present and is an IMMORTAL. And, (Is the MONAD a

2. whether the whole Universe runs under LAW or not. (Is there
impartial and universal justice for all beings?)

If one wishes, we can add a third item: --

3.	Does the entire evolutionary thrust of the Universe, of which the
Earth, and We are a part strive to improve, strive to become more

For those who are frightened or annoyed with the concept of
"fundamentals" and "fundamentalism," let's point out that the three
points I make above, are echoes of DEITY UNIVERSAL, LAW IMPERSONAL,

The whole if one thinks about it are encompassed in a single
concept -- in a word: BROTHERHOOD.

Best wishes,



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Hi James and all of you,

Thanks for your email.


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