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Re: Theos-World

Jan 21, 2003 05:47 AM
by MKR

Your msg is timely.

While all the details about the constitution of man/woman and the universe 
and their origin and progression is important and interesting and necessary 
to study them, the need to keep our eye on the ball so to say - always 
keeping in mind the real object of the TS Movement. That is when Theosophy 
made sense, at least for me.



At 04:17 AM 1/18/03 -0500, wrote:
>Theosophists and friends,
>Individual spiritual development and self realization is the not the
>"problem," or even the purpose of this forum. The three objects of the
>"Theosophical Movement" are far more important issues for us to discuss here.
> Particularly, the practical formation of a Universal Brotherhood of 
> Humanity
>without distinctions of age, sex, religion, race, or condition, and without
>interference with other peoples individual Karma. This implies looking
>deeply into those "pseudo theosophical" teachings that distort, modify, or
>misinterpret and misdirect the original teachings -- that, no matter how far
>we stretch them, make no mention of (and indeed, decries) applying magic or
>siddhi powers to proseletize an elitist controlled "New Age" religion,
>"Aryan" government, or "New World Order."
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