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Re: Theos-World

Jan 18, 2003 01:17 AM
by leonmaurer

Theosophists and friends, 

Individual spiritual development and self realization is the not the 
"problem," or even the purpose of this forum. The three objects of the 
"Theosophical Movement" are far more important issues for us to discuss here. 
Particularly, the practical formation of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity 
without distinctions of age, sex, religion, race, or condition, and without 
interference with other peoples individual Karma. This implies looking 
deeply into those "pseudo theosophical" teachings that distort, modify, or 
misinterpret and misdirect the original teachings -- that, no matter how far 
we stretch them, make no mention of (and indeed, decries) applying magic or 
siddhi powers to proseletize an elitist controlled "New Age" religion, 
"Aryan" government, or "New World Order." 

Note that this forum has the word "World" in it's title. Thus, the problems 
of the world as they relate to theosophy should be one of its main concerns. 
There are plenty of other forums devoted to personal learning of theosophy 
for those who need it, that can ignore these problems. But, no one has the 
right to criticize or determine what we say or do here regarding world 
problems that are the concern of all true theosophists. To downplay this as 
"nit picking" is an insult to all such theosophists, and can only come from 
one who doesn't understand its teachings or objects to their fullest extent.

Since, spiritual "enlightenment" or "self realization" cannot be taught by 
gurus or books, but must come about solely through individual study, 
intuition, reason, and practice based on "self devised and self determined 
efforts carried out in the privacy of one's own mind" -- the only 
considerations along these lines, in open forum or group study, should be the 
offering of help and assistance to others directed toward proper study and 
practice for arriving at self realization, and toward achieving those objects 
of the Movement as presented by the original teachers. 

On the other hand, although this forum is not a school of yoga, when a 
personal teacher or "guru" is needed for individual development, one need 
only pose the right questions and then judge the validity of the answers for 
themselves -- by examining their consistency and agreement with the three 
"Fundamental Principles" of theosophy. It should be obvious that all "New" 
teachings professing to be based on original theosophy as presented by HPB 
and the "Masters," should not deviate one iota from those principles. 

In addition, the original claims by all the Masters that they would not 
interfere with individual karma either directly, or indirectly through their 
chelas, should be taken very seriously. Therefore, it should be our concern 
when such new teachings appear that do not follow these precepts -- to 
thoroughly question their validity.

The "pseudo theosophists" who have infiltrated the United Nations 
organization under the banner of the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice and Foster 
Bailey, have repeatedly violated this precept by trying to pass off "black 
magic" as "white magic," and brainwash the ignorant masses into thinking 
these so called "New Age Theosophists" have the answers to all the world's 
problems through support of their "Ascended Masters" (including, the return 
of the Christ, Maitreya, or the Mahdhi) -- and, by such means, induce them 
into blindly accepting their genocidal "New World Order" plan for global 
domination -- which is currently being carried out by the power hungry cabal 
of wealthy money grubbers who have infiltrated democratic world governments 
since 1945. All this, directly paralleling the "Aryan Master Race" plans 
initiated (and financed by the American industrialists and bankers now 
permeating this government) in the thirties and forties by Adolph Hitler and 
his Nazi cohorts ... Who are still active in secretly infiltrating and 
influencing our government (and now, overtly) in helping promote this present 
administration's "New World Order" that (according to the "plan" of New Age 
pseudo theosophy that they follow, with the help of the UN and a "packed" 
Supreme Court) requires the elimination of 80% or more of the human race's 
"undesirable elements" (code word for non Aryans, Jews, genetically 
deficient, and all other family, sub-racial and religious groups who do not 
see the world from the same hierarchical, oligarchic, "might [money and 
weapons] makes right" point of view that they do). 

To fall for that sort of pernicious brain washing, without strong protest and 
counter teachings (that come directly from the true "White Lodge") is a gross 
failure of our individual responsibilities -- which is to form "the Nucleus 
of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity" -- so as to assure the welfare of 
ALL living beings and the "natural" fulfillment of their, and the human 
race's individual and group Karma. How can the "lessons be learned" by those 
living entities that have their karma short circuited by the malicious and 
mendacious plot (disguised as the "Master's Hierarchy plan") of the "New Age" 
and "New World Order" promoters -- whose major guiding interests (judging 
from those government and business leaders who support it) are money and 

To really understand what they are up to, go to the following web sites, 
follow the links, study the elitist plans of black occultists throughout the 
past thousand years, compare it with the "New World Order" plans of "New Age" 
pseudo theosophy, and find out for yourselves.
For the direct (black lodge) Masonic and secret society background (Skull and 
Bones, Illuminati, etc.) of many government leaders who find an interest in 
the "New World Order" plans sponsored by the Lucis Trust and promoted through 
the UN, see: (check links list)
etc. (Note; There are many independenent "freemasons" who, while privy to 
all their "secrets," don't subscribe to the dark sided elements of their 
occult teachings.)
For more specifically directed protests, and how pseudo-theosophy (and by 
reflection, theosophy itself) is judged by others who feel themselves 
threatened, go to:

Unfortunately, the blame for AAB's pseudo theosophical promoting of the "New 
World Order" plan reflects back on HPB who had no such thoughts about that 
"black magic" genocidal application of her teachings when she wrote the SD -- 
although she predicted it might happen -- if the 
"Fundamental-(Principle)-ists" among us let our guard down. It's also wise 
to keep an open mind and not rely on one source of information -- especially, 
if coming from a "follower" of the Bailey teachings and its plans for world 
domination now being carried out by an elite group of so called, 
"compassionate conservatives." (Although, many of the sincere followers of 
the pseudo theosophical teachings, and believe in its "good will" ideas, may 
not be entirely aware of this plan even though it is pretty obvious to those 
who make a thorough search through all of AAB's and Foster Bailey's writings 
and can see the connections with the philosophy of Ayn Rand, among other dark 
side, elitist "objectivists," "phenomenologists," and occultists.)

So, good advice with respect to this forum group, is to beware of all self 
styled gurus gratuitously offering to guide us toward their own personal 
ideas of the theosophical truths, or the "spiritual magic" they think we 
ought to know... And, especially, be wary of those who attempt to divert us 
from discussing the problems of the world and their cure, and who try to lead 
us toward selfish personal development without concern for the real purposes 
of the Theosophical Movement -- which has nothing to do with the Theosophical 
Society or any other organizations, but much to do with our self-development 
and devotion to the real moral/ethical tenets of theosophy. (Here, whenever 
such "gurus" show up, the proverbial "grain of salt" is always appropriate to 
keep handy.:-) 

Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to be aware of and discuss those 
aspects of the original "purposes" of the Movement, along with the Masters 
"secret" and not so secret (if we know where to look in ancient manuscripts) 
teachings, and the reasons for their being exposed to the mundane world in 
the "language of this age" -- possibly as a public warning and a wake up 
call to point real "theosophists" who are "in the true service of humanity" 
toward the true "path of compassion" along with a true understanding of 
"white magic" that might generate a counter-force that could prevent the 
"Black Magicians" from doing their dirty work (based on what they, through 
their associated secret societies [Templar's, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, 
Masons, etc.,] already knew of all the ancient occult magical arts). The 
"Wars in Heaven," spoken of by HPB, is still being fought on Earth -- with 
only the first battle, defeating the dark forces being won with the defeat of 
the dark side Nazi occultists in 1945. 

It's perfectly obvious (to me, at least) that the Lucis Trust and the Arcane 
Group is the new front for these secret groups. It's also obvious that the 
Masters wanted us to be aware of the ostensibly "spiritual" but actually 
materialistically oriented organizations that use distorted versions of 
theosophy to dictatorially mind control the lives of others, offer plans for 
a "New World Order" based on blind worship and belief in "descended Masters," 
messiahs, prayers, vicarious atonement and other pseudo religious "faiths," 
along with a hodgepodge of mystical-magical distortions to verify their 
direct connection to the so called "Hierarchy" of cosmic intelligence's -- 
designed to achieve ends that go against the original objects of the 
Movement. Plans, that are not only elitist and racially and religiously 
prejudiced, but also discriminatory toward "natural evolution" (the original 
"Plan" of the theosophical Chohans) based on individual freedom to choose 
one's own path of karma and "self government." Trying to save the world by 
means of such dictatorial and elitist "group think" methods can only lead to 
more strife and continued warfare that benefits only the money and power 
structures that are the sponsors of the Lucis Trust... And can lead us to the 
Armageddon that HPB predicted would happen if the forces of greed and 
selfishness, working now through the oligarchic power structure of a "New 
World Order" dictatorial government, represented by an "Americanized" UN, are 
not stopped in their tracks, before their "final solution" is put into 

If the AAB and other so called "New Age" philosophies have elements in their 
teachings that indicate a plot to confuse true theosophists, call "black 
magic," "white magic," and distort theosophy into a new religion to take over 
the world by an elitist group of so called "Master Race" promoters who speak 
with the same forked tongue as previous "Aryanists" and "Eugenicists" -- then 
it is the duty of all true theosophists, in public forums such as this one, 
and otherwise, to discuss and expose the pernicious activities of such groups
. This is the only way, IMO, that we could really be called "good people" -- 
who practice "altruism" and are interested in protecting and fostering the 
"Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness" of all other sentient beings -- 
without personal prejudices of any sort, whatsoever, or interference in their 


In a message dated 01/16/03 5:17:35 PM, writes:

>Hi. You are good people, but there is a lot of confusion on here. Quite
>honestly, I have never seen anything like this. I have just waded through
>many messages, but there are not many ideas, just a lot of nit-picking
>and futile attempts to analyze a lot of little details from the past (though
>I did enjoy Adelaise's message about astrology). Generally speaking, this
>spot is very saddening. This all has nothing to do with me. You would be
>arguing and nitpicking and analyzing and getting lost in little details
>whether I am here or not. On other lists devoted to spirituality this is
>not happening to such an extent. 
>Some people are attracted to Alice Bailey or whomever, and maybe it cannot
>be changed. She and/or Madame Blavatsky or anyone should not be your 
>point. The physical body and what is going on there should be your reference
>point. It is very simple. You do not need to make it so complex and keep
>yourself and others from developing. If there is a strong connection between
>a pure impartial constating of this body AS IT IS BEING IN PRESENT TIME,
>a certain force will be created, out of which the little seed can develop
>into a soul. 
>If you decide you want to actually develop and not dream about it, you
>do NOT get to choose in what form the opportunity will come to you. How
>to make sense out of nonsense? When the BODY performs its daily chores,
>if something that has no opinion, and is not a part of the turning of the
>mechanical cogs of emotions, thoughts and physical tensions triggering
>reactions, sees this body as it is, a finer materiality will flow between.
>This is the beginning of the development of higher bodies.The physical
>body is the OBJECT, not the subject to be recorded, and the impartial 
>of this object impresses itself upon the subjective and receptive firmament
>of the brain, which is like a sponge. These new impression will not be
>not be recorded into the old conditioned grooves in the brain, but it will
>be like putting new wine in a new bottle.
>This is Work and hard to do. I cannot worry and wonder about Alice Bailey
>or what the "masters" said to whomever or if there are masters, or what
>root race it is, as this has nothing to do with Work or real spiritual
>development, but is just one function taking over and spilling the seed
>of any possibility I may have. It is one or the other. 
>So have a good day. I can call myself a THEOSOPHIST now (thanks to a
>few people such as Katinka and her kind who have inspired me), as there
>is a realization that I AM, which is more then just a thought, and I am
>not going to waste my time on irrelevancies. This is a simple message and
>easy enough for anyone to understand. I will try to come back later with
>a follow-up to this message, in which I will #1. .either participate in
>some kind of question worthy of genuine enquiry that has come up on this
>list (or present such a question of my own), #2.share in my own words,
>a life problem I am having and how I am attempting to use spiritual means
>to solve it, or #3. present to others, in a three-centered balance, using
>a few simple words of my own, certain ideas that are appropriate to this
>list, in such a way that they harmonize the general flow and tempo of what
>is happening on here so that there is real GRIP and material does not slip
>in one ear and out the other (better still bring your salt shakers and
>wear toe pads, just in case). If I do not know how to do this, I will
>listen and wait until an opportunity presents itself for me to contribute
>something essential to this group, and try to Work in a way which makes
>sense and will lead to actual results. Sincerely, Wry 

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