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Re: Theos-World Two Opposing Views of C.W. Leadbeater

Jan 21, 2003 05:55 AM
by MKR

Dick lived in Adyar for a long time and once in late sixties when he 
visited my home town he visited my home.

This is extra-ordinary in that he gave you the ES portraits in that this is 
the only time I have heard of anyone one giving their ES portraits to 
anyone who is not a ES member at least in the last five decades.


At 08:07 AM 1/4/03 +1100, wrote:
>Dick Balfour-Clarke. I interviewed Dick at length at Adyar, and
>had access to detailed notes taken from discussions with him by another
>resident of Adyar. Dick gave me his ES portraits of the Masters, and
>photographs of various other "secret" TS things.


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