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Re: Theos-World Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 19, 2003 09:27 PM
by leonmaurer

Jeremy, Sorry if that's the way you interpret it. But I had no intention of 
attacking AAB, or her theosophical teachings of right human relations and 
world good will. I also know that Bailey had nothing good to say about 

My discussion was focussed, as a warning to all thinking theosophists, solely 
on the Lucis Trust who have introduced into the UN the idea of a messianic 
based religion and New World Order government based on AAB's and FB's 
"political" ideas that play into the hands of the Nazi minded, occult secret 
society-linked oligarchy in Washington -- now promoting the same "New World 
Order"... That, in their eyes, as well as from our standpoint, would be 
nothing more than an extension of the Nazi plan for world conquest, racial 
superiority and segregation, as well as control of all global resources, 
finance. economics, etc., by a fascist oriented capitalist and 
military-industrialist cabal. 

Not that I think anyone in the Lucis Trust have these motives -- but such a 
form of dictatorial government could, even if begun with the best of 
intentions, easily be preempted and taken over by the same elite right wing 
capitalist-government group now in control of both the US and the UN. 

This is the Blueprint of the plan for final victory of the dark Nazi-minded 
forces -- that could completely obviate the theosophical principles and 
scientific philosophy leading to a universal brotherhood of Humanity with 
self government and individual responsibility toward the welfare of all, and 
allowing free will and free religious belief with no interference by higher 
powers in anyone's or any group's individual karma. All these precepts, I 
presume, were the underlying basis of both HPB's and AAB's fundamental 
teachings. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

The problem with the AAB teachings, as I see it, however, was trying to add 
an unwarranted factor to theosophy that would condone a live messiah coupled 
with arbitrary imposition of a religious form of dictatorial government that 
would violate the principles of noninterference laid down by the original 


In a message dated 01/18/03 9:54:15 AM, writes:

>Your motives may be well intentioned but you have miss identified your
>enemy. Alice Bailey stands for right human relations and word goodwill and
>it is this which the Lucis Trust stands for. It is human freedom for which
>they and we are fighting.
>Fact, Lucis Trust/AAB/Arcane School stood against the dark forces of Hitler
>and co. They acted and spoke against nazism.
>Fact, Lucis Trust is a recognised charity/org working for human education
>and right relations and work for no thing counterwise.
>Unfortunately for some, the Masters do not work through
>one individual and never stated they would. It is their purpose to
>disseminate the wisdom through any available and suitable means at
>their disposal and according to conditions and law.
>To claim that our beloved HPB is the only messenger of the Great
>White Brotherhood is nieve and applyes the limits of the neopyt to
>the Masters!
>Kindest Regards

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