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Re: Theos-World Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 18, 2003 09:40 PM
by leonmaurer

And that makes AAB a lover of Sufis, eh? 

Sounds like the Anti Semitic remark made by a bigot in the book/movie 
"Gentlemen's Agreement"... "Some of my best friends are Jews." Even Hitler 
had some Jewish friends (some of his international banking financers were 
Jewish). (Most Arabs and Muslims are Semites, by the way, and many Jews are 
pure Aryans.) Aren't most Sufi's also Semites? Since Semites, Negroids, 
Hammites, Mongols, etc., are simply slightly "physically" different branches 
of the same spiritual tree of the fifth Manu -- aren't their spirits, 
intuitive and rational minds and brains at the same level of involutional and 
evolutionary development? Doesn't this make them all parts of the same root, 
sub-root and family of Mankind as the so called Aryan Caucasians? Isn't 
there only one Humanity? Isn't this what Universal Brotherhood really 
signifies? Is it right to allow the physical actions or beliefs of 
individuals or small groups (of more or less ignorant beings) to determine 
how one judges these entire branches of the same Humanity? What have 
physical determinations to do with spiritual or monadic identity/unity? 
Aren't such judgments solely the prerogative of Karma? Is that why the 
"Real" Chohan builders and "Masters of Light," themselves, refuse to and 
teach us NOT to interfere with anyone's natural karmic path? Wouldn't such 
actions be the ultimate disturbance of natural harmony? And, isn't that the 
ultimate crime against nature (and Humanity) that only those "dark" Chohans 
of the Shadow who rebelled, could commit? Isn't this what the "War in 
Heaven" was (and is) all about?

So what does all that mean in the face of AAB's and FB's obvious anti 
Semitism (which, with the sanction of their dark side Chohan DK, lumps all 
Arabian Muslims, Sufis and Hebrews together)? Since when does theosophical 
knowledge or wisdom give anyone the right to make political, religious, 
racial, or karmic judgments? 

Sorry, I can't give any quotes, since I haven't the Lucis Trust library on 
hand ... But, they are easy to find from a careful search on the web... And 
someone has already posted the Bailey's (and DK's) opinions about Jews, 
"other inferior races, and "obsolete religions" on this e-mail forum. So, 
maybe you should go argue with Hannah Newman at the Rainbow Swastika site: 
Her documentation, while a bit religiously biased, is excellent. 
Unfortunately, she puts all theosophy, original or modified, in the same 
basket -- like AAB categorizes all humanity other than the "Star Children" as 
being outside the "New World Order" of the "New Age." Is this the indication 
of a new "caste system" after the New Order is established? It's 
interesting, however, that HPB never suggested theosophy becoming the 
religion and government of the world. I also thought the Masters taught that 
"Maitreya" wasn't supposed to return to Earth until the end of the Kali Yuga, 
400,000 odd years from now. So, who's kidding whom? Sufi's know. Kabbalists 
know. Theosophists know. Why don't you? Or, are you already so brainwashed 
by your belief in DK (based on someone else's say so) as being the Chohan who 
taught HPB, that you can't see the light (in the face of their obvious 
distortion of the Fundamental Principles the SD is based on, that Dk claims 
to have "dictated")? What makes you think that just because AAB claims DK 
said so, that anything he asserts is true? What makes AAB an authority -- 
about anything cooked up in her mind that she may have partially learned as a 
theosophist and then twisted to fit her conditioned (by her family and 
husband's) religious beliefs, coupled with the distorted ideas of AB and CWL? 
What a joke.

I think that the joke's on Bailey. The world will never buy her phony 
mystical/magical, materially oriented racial crap... Although, the world's 
Nazi's and other "globalizing" power bosses sure will take advantage of it -- 
before it kicks back in their faces. In the long run, Darth Vader's evil 
Empire (which this "New World Order" is a reflection of) cannot win. Since, 
the sign of the 5th Root Humanity is the potential development of Manas in 
its fifth, rational aspect -- everyone on Earth today is potentially a part 
of it. When the 6th or Buddhi aspect of mind opens in their children 
naturally, karma and the conditions and evolution of the world will take care 
of the necessary adjustments without need of a newly packaged, man made 
puppet Messiah/Dictator (the "Hierarchy" supposedly pulling the strings -- 
which is a good way to pass the buck) with better credentials than Hitler 
had, and with a cleverer, less brutal way of culling the world's excess 
population of so called "Hierarchy" chosen scapegoats -- such as 
"compassionate conservatism." (I wonder which Lucis Trust advisor dreamed up 
that slogan.?:-) In this scenario, the easiest and best way to get rid of 
those "drags on society" would be to cutoff their patent medicines, food, and 
other social services and let them die naturally. (And, aren't we all already 
seeing them doing it?) If Shakespeare were here today, he'd probably write a 
very sadly funny play about such a farce. (Maybe, he's already here and 
started on it so it will be ready for Broadway when the New Age-New World 
Order-Messiah shows up in the flesh. I can't wait to see it. ;-)

In the meantime, I have a question for Wry (or the group, if they can answer 
it)... Besides cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, working, making honey 
(or is that, money), etc., and observing it all impartially without thinking 
about what is happening in the world (which seems to me to be a bit like Zen 
without its Buddha vision) -- what else (besides not worrying about it) do we 
have to do to become spiritually awakened enough to be able to counteract the 
magic of the dark side New World Orderers that intend to readjust our 
individual and group karma against our will, and/or make us live, think, 
learn, work, worship, pray, etc., and/or die in this world according to their 

(we'll all see the light -- when we each put on the cap of clear vision.)


P.S. But, not too clear -- so as to see the true reality from only one of its 
four directions. (That is, until the other three are fully awakened. ;-)

In a message dated 01/17/03 4:13:53 AM, writes:

>>bring their questions to the group? 
>Just responding to questions wry, as I was invited to do by several 
>members. It might just matter to Mr Sufiwatsit as Khan was a Sufi - 
>though you probably know that...

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