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Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 18, 2003 11:34 PM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

more froth and blather - I am out of here.

--- In, leonmaurer@a... wrote:
> And that makes AAB a lover of Sufis, eh? 
> Sounds like the Anti Semitic remark made by a bigot in the 
> "Gentlemen's Agreement"... "Some of my best friends are Jews." 
Even Hitler 
> had some Jewish friends (some of his international banking 
financers were 
> Jewish). (Most Arabs and Muslims are Semites, by the way, and many 
Jews are 
> pure Aryans.) Aren't most Sufi's also Semites? Since Semites, 
> Hammites, Mongols, etc., are simply slightly "physically" 
different branches 
> of the same spiritual tree of the fifth Manu -- aren't their 
> intuitive and rational minds and brains at the same level of 
involutional and 
> evolutionary development? Doesn't this make them all parts of the 
same root, 
> sub-root and family of Mankind as the so called Aryan Caucasians? 
> there only one Humanity? Isn't this what Universal Brotherhood 
> signifies? Is it right to allow the physical actions or beliefs 
> individuals or small groups (of more or less ignorant beings) to 
> how one judges these entire branches of the same Humanity? What 
> physical determinations to do with spiritual or monadic 
> Aren't such judgments solely the prerogative of Karma? Is that 
why the 
> "Real" Chohan builders and "Masters of Light," themselves, refuse 
to and 
> teach us NOT to interfere with anyone's natural karmic path? 
Wouldn't such 
> actions be the ultimate disturbance of natural harmony? And, 
isn't that the 
> ultimate crime against nature (and Humanity) that only 
those "dark" Chohans 
> of the Shadow who rebelled, could commit? Isn't this what 
the "War in 
> Heaven" was (and is) all about?
> So what does all that mean in the face of AAB's and FB's obvious 
> Semitism (which, with the sanction of their dark side Chohan DK, 
lumps all 
> Arabian Muslims, Sufis and Hebrews together)? Since when does 
> knowledge or wisdom give anyone the right to make political, 
> racial, or karmic judgments? 
> Sorry, I can't give any quotes, since I haven't the Lucis Trust 
library on 
> hand ... But, they are easy to find from a careful search on the 
web... And 
> someone has already posted the Bailey's (and DK's) opinions about 
> "other inferior races, and "obsolete religions" on this e-mail 
forum. So, 
> maybe you should go argue with Hannah Newman at the Rainbow 
Swastika site: 
> Her documentation, while a bit religiously biased, is excellent. 
> Unfortunately, she puts all theosophy, original or modified, in 
the same 
> basket -- like AAB categorizes all humanity other than the "Star 
Children" as 
> being outside the "New World Order" of the "New Age." Is this the 
> of a new "caste system" after the New Order is established? It's 
> interesting, however, that HPB never suggested theosophy becoming 
> religion and government of the world. I also thought the Masters 
taught that 
> "Maitreya" wasn't supposed to return to Earth until the end of the 
Kali Yuga, 
> 400,000 odd years from now. So, who's kidding whom? Sufi's know. 
> know. Theosophists know. Why don't you? Or, are you already so 
> by your belief in DK (based on someone else's say so) as being the 
Chohan who 
> taught HPB, that you can't see the light (in the face of their 
> distortion of the Fundamental Principles the SD is based on, that 
Dk claims 
> to have "dictated")? What makes you think that just because AAB 
claims DK 
> said so, that anything he asserts is true? What makes AAB an 
authority -- 
> about anything cooked up in her mind that she may have partially 
learned as a 
> theosophist and then twisted to fit her conditioned (by her family 
> husband's) religious beliefs, coupled with the distorted ideas of 
AB and CWL? 
> What a joke.
> I think that the joke's on Bailey. The world will never buy her 
> mystical/magical, materially oriented racial crap... Although, the 
> Nazi's and other "globalizing" power bosses sure will take 
advantage of it -- 
> before it kicks back in their faces. In the long run, Darth 
Vader's evil 
> Empire (which this "New World Order" is a reflection of) cannot 
win. Since, 
> the sign of the 5th Root Humanity is the potential development of 
Manas in 
> its fifth, rational aspect -- everyone on Earth today is 
potentially a part 
> of it. When the 6th or Buddhi aspect of mind opens in their 
> naturally, karma and the conditions and evolution of the world 
will take care 
> of the necessary adjustments without need of a newly packaged, man 
> puppet Messiah/Dictator (the "Hierarchy" supposedly pulling the 
strings -- 
> which is a good way to pass the buck) with better credentials than 
> had, and with a cleverer, less brutal way of culling the world's 
> population of so called "Hierarchy" chosen scapegoats -- such as 
> "compassionate conservatism." (I wonder which Lucis Trust advisor 
dreamed up 
> that slogan.?:-) In this scenario, the easiest and best way to 
get rid of 
> those "drags on society" would be to cutoff their patent 
medicines, food, and 
> other social services and let them die naturally. (And, aren't we 
all already 
> seeing them doing it?) If Shakespeare were here today, he'd 
probably write a 
> very sadly funny play about such a farce. (Maybe, he's already 
here and 
> started on it so it will be ready for Broadway when the New Age-
New World 
> Order-Messiah shows up in the flesh. I can't wait to see it. ;-)
> In the meantime, I have a question for Wry (or the group, if they 
can answer 
> it)... Besides cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, working, 
making honey 
> (or is that, money), etc., and observing it all impartially 
without thinking 
> about what is happening in the world (which seems to me to be a 
bit like Zen 
> without its Buddha vision) -- what else (besides not worrying 
about it) do we 
> have to do to become spiritually awakened enough to be able to 
counteract the 
> magic of the dark side New World Orderers that intend to readjust 
> individual and group karma against our will, and/or make us live, 
> learn, work, worship, pray, etc., and/or die in this world 
according to their 


> Hopefully, 
> (we'll all see the light -- when we each put on the cap of clear 
> LHM 
> P.S. But, not too clear -- so as to see the true reality from only 
one of its 
> four directions. (That is, until the other three are fully 
awakened. ;-)
> In a message dated 01/17/03 4:13:53 AM, phillip@e... writes:
> >>bring their questions to the group? 
> >
> >Just responding to questions wry, as I was invited to do by 
> >members. It might just matter to Mr Sufiwatsit as Khan was a 
Sufi - 
> >though you probably know that...
> >P.

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