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RE: Theos-World Theos Talk birth chart

Jan 16, 2003 07:19 AM
by adelasie

Dear Dallas,

I certainly would not argue with your statements. But I offer, at the 
same time, my own experience, as a demonstration that one can learn 
from any discipline. Astrology may be partially understood in the 
present time, and full of blinds, but it does ring true, to the mind 
that is given a few real keys. 

> But of what use is "astrology?" Does it say anything deeper? does it
> tell us how to behave? Can it help us develop our character? Does it
> speak to the future? And what have to fear or look forward to in that
> future? Does it teach us to try to doge the inevitable? What are we
> curious about? Karma? Our own situation or that of a "group?" And
> why bother anyway?

The study of astrology has taught me the cyclic nature of all 
existence, the unity of all life, the interconnectedness and 
interdependence of stars and planets, the cosmos and mankind and all 
life. It has taught me to learn about who I am and what I am doing on 
this earth, and to help some others see some aspects of their own 
natures. Self-knowledge is the first step toward self-control, and in 
this respect astrology can be quite helpful. Astrology helps me to 
consciousnly adjust the rhythm of my life to fit more harmoniously 
with the greater rhythm of nature, of which I am a part and within 
which I live, and to help others to do the same, if they are 
interested. I don't dispute the negative aspect of a study of 
astrology that you present. But I want to express that this science, 
inexact and abused as it is, is a wonderful tool and can be very 
instructive and helpful in one's life. 


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