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RE: birth chart dates, astrology, etc...

Jan 16, 2003 03:23 AM
by dalval14

Jan 16 2003

Dear Friends:

I merely attempt to show the range of knowledge and information

In those books you will be able to secure details of astrology
pertinent to the Theosophical movement as well as to the rest of the
evolutionary surge.

No one is asked to believe, but all are invited to read and think.

Theosophy compels no one, any more than mathematics, or astronomy do.
But it is a system that is coherent, ancient, and has its own cadre of
professors and students who ever continue to verify its actions..

The one proposition it places forward is a Brotherhood of all beings,
and advances arguments and logic to show how the whole scheme works
down the ages, and where information concerning it has been made
available all over the world in the past and present.

It declares LAW and Laws to be universal and that there is no
whimsical "personal God." If one desires to look for God, then look
inward, as all the spiritual potentials are already there. We are our
own priests. No blind belief; or authorities, other than our own
minds are useful.

Karma is the great law of impartial justice, which motivates evolution
in its entirety here on our earth as everywhere in the Universe.

Such knowledge and wisdom as has accumulated may be tapped and used by
any one. -- but Wisdom cannot be sequestered, nor can it be bought.

Best wishes,


I would be very interested in your Index -- to see and check it. I
also have prepared one that is chronological, using the dates assigned
to pre-historical and historical events, and will be glad to share it
with you. Let me know


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From: Phillip L
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 11:59 AM
Subject: birth chart

D: But also look at the whole of the 1st and 2nd volumes of The
SECRET DOCTRINE -- is this not a treatise on astrology, the
zodiacal records, and the past that was ours in our earlier
incarnations in ancient races ? Would it not reflect to us our
development and struggles, all of which, according to Karma, have
been the molders of our present, as it merges into our future ? We
made the past, and it is our destiny to live it out when it returns.

PL: Not sure of where you are going with all these statements, is
there some particular point you are trying to make? I am aware of
much that you have said, and have created a vast astrological index
of all of HPB's works, for use in a project on occult history.

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