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Re: Theos-World Theos Talk birth chart

Jan 15, 2003 11:58 AM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

D: But also look at the whole of the 1st and 2nd volumes of The 
SECRET DOCTRINE -- is this not a treatise on astrology, the 
zodiacal records, and the past that was ours in our earlier 
incarnations in ancient races ? Would it not reflect to us our 
development and struggles, all of which, according to Karma, have 
been the molders of our present, as it merges into our future ? We 
made the past, and itis our destiny to live it out when it returns.

PL: Not sure of where you are going with all these statements, is 
there some particular point you are trying to make? I am aware of 
much that you have said, and have created a vast astrological index 
of all of HPB's works, for use in a project on occult history.

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