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Re: Standard of Truth?

Jan 15, 2003 11:46 AM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

Dallas: She in no way imposed any of this information on any one but 
asked that it be scrutinized minutely. This in itself was 
exceptional, and no one was to be coerced by threat or fear into 
any "acceptance" of what was offered. In fact if there should be 
any such "faith" developed, the individual was warned ahead of time 
against it. It has always been proclaimed that there are no "short-
cuts" to WISDOM.

DK: The books that I have written are sent out with no claim for 
their acceptance. They may, or may not, be correct, true and useful. 
It is for you to ascertain their truth by right practice and by the 
exercise of the intuition. Neither I nor A.A.B. is the least 
interested in having them acclaimed as inspired writings, or in 
having anyone speak of them (with bated breath) as being the work of 
one of the Masters. If they present truth in such a way that it 
follows sequentially upon that already offered in the world 
teachings, if the information given raises the aspiration and the 
will-to-serve from the plane of the emotions to that of the mind 
(the plane whereon the Masters can be found) then they will have 
served their purpose. If the teaching conveyed calls forth a 
response from the illumined mind of the worker in the world, and 
brings a flashing forth of his intuition, then let that teaching be 
accepted. But not otherwise. If the statements meet with eventual 
corroboration, or are deemed true under the test of the Law of 
Correspondences, then that is well and good. But should this not be 
so, let not the student accept what is said.

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