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Re: Theos-World Standard of Truth?

Jan 18, 2003 11:17 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

So, Blavatsky, in 1889, made two quite different predictions for the
Theosophical Society in the 20th Century: she says that it might set up
"hard-and-fast dogmas of its own" and then become "a stranded carcass to
moulder and die"; or it might "burst asunder iron fetters of creeds and
dogmas" leading to "the practical realisation of the Brotherhood of all
men." Which outcome has occurred?

"Meanwhile, the last death song of the cyclic Swan has
commenced; only few are they who heed it, as the majority
has ears merely not to hear, and eyes - to remain blind.
Those who do, however, find the cyclic song sad, very sad,
and far from melodious. They assert that besides influenza
and other evils, half of the civilized world's population is
threatened with violent death, this time thanks to the conceit
of the men of exact Science, and the all-grasping selfishness
of speculation." 
Blavatsky: Collected Writings, vol. XII:111

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