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Re: Standard of Truth?

Jan 18, 2003 12:54 PM
by Suzanne " <>

"Zack Lansdowne" wrote:
So, why
> are we so fanatical about sets of words that, sooner or later, we 
> outgrow and relinquish?


I read your book, 'The Rays' many years ago. And, the other day, I 
revisited the book and have this to say... I can now appreciate the 
preciseness and conciseness of your work. It is my experience, that 
after a certain point of study (many many years for me!) less words 
are needed to evoke the required state of mind and hense your work is 
most valuable. Simplicity is power, uh? I once read in Swedenborg's 
book 'Heaven and Hell', (paraphrasing) that for every one word an 
angel uses a man must use a thousand. Is it no wonder the picture in 
our minds is unclear, uh? 

When will we all speak what we know in a language that all 
understands? In heaven I suppose <she sez light-heartedly>.

Most sincerely,

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