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Re:Nick's post 10397

Jan 15, 2003 11:42 AM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

PL:No I did not get this post, due to a new ID with Yahoo, and have 
just read it.

NW: "The assumption that I know little and/or prejudiced against AAB 
is mistaken. Perhaps I should have mentioned my background in the 
article. For the record I was a member of the Arcane School & 
Arcana Workshops for 15 years. Thus I was a close scrutinizer & 
devotee of AAB/CWL BEFORE I began to learn something about original 
Theosophy of HPB. I have read, studied, meditated, invoked, been 
involved in group work & served the Plan starting from around

PL:Well that is a revelation (and a mystery), perhaps you should 
have a footnote on "Theosophy's Shadow" to that effect.

NW:We do seem to have a "failure to communicate" going on here. My 
notion of criticism of the written teachings of AAB involves 
actually comparing the words written by HPB & AAB and then pondering 
on the meaning of any significant differences. My history of 
saturation in AAB for 15-20 years.

PL: It certanly puts your article in a different light, but it seems 
you have missed, despite your deep immersion in that material, the 
connections that myself and many other serious students have made. 
And if you are correct then all the rest of us are lost in the veil 
of illusion, right? 
You talk about 'significant differences', why should it be the same? 
Particularly if you view the AAB material as a second installment 
based upon HPB's foundation.
There are significant differences between AAB and Agni Yoga by 
Helena Roerich for instance, but the quality of the latter is 
unmistakable and recognisable as from the same Hierarchical source. 
If you understand anything of ray psychology, you will know that 
there are different Masters of the rays and they all have their own 
particular colorings on the teachings. For instance HPB is very much 
on the 1st and 3rd rays, Roerich's material on the 1st and 4th rays, 
and AAB's more 2nd and 3rd rays. My point is that you could resonate 
far more deeply with HPB's material than Bailey's through your own 
particular ray disposition. 
Anyway, I intend to re-read some of the arguments in your article at 
some point, and get back to you on the comparative study you made.

> Is any of this getting through Philip?
oh, duh, only when I am decapitating parking meters..or the chain 
gang boss is not yelling at me...

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