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Re: post 10397

Jan 15, 2003 12:13 PM
by Nick Weeks

From: <>

> NW: "The assumption that I know little and/or prejudiced against AAB
> is mistaken. Perhaps I should have mentioned my background in the
> article. For the record I was a member of the Arcane School &
> Arcana Workshops for 15 years. Thus I was a close scrutinizer &
> devotee of AAB/CWL BEFORE I began to learn something about original
> Theosophy of HPB. I have read, studied, meditated, invoked, been
> involved in group work & served the Plan starting from around
> 1970."
> PL:Well that is a revelation (and a mystery), perhaps you should
> have a footnote on "Theosophy's Shadow" to that effect.

I thought about it, but with all the emphasis in the Blue Books on valuing
writings on their own, without needing personality or authority to back them
up, I thought surely you fair-minded folks in the Baileywick would apraise the
points made in the article on their own merits.

> NW:We do seem to have a "failure to communicate" going on here. My
> notion of criticism of the written teachings of AAB involves
> actually comparing the words written by HPB & AAB and then pondering
> on the meaning of any significant differences. My history of
> saturation in AAB for 15-20 years.

> PL: It certanly puts your article in a different light, but it seems
> you have missed, despite your deep immersion in that material, the
> connections that myself and many other serious students have made.
> And if you are correct then all the rest of us are lost in the veil
> of illusion, right?

No, I saw & accepted the very same "connections" that you & all other "serious
students" made. It was just after thinking for years about the keynotes of
HPB versus AB/CWL/AAB, that I rejected the latter as hooey.

We are all "lost in the veil of illusion" for lifetimes. But needless to say
we can reduce the number of befuddled ones.

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