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RE: Theos-World Theos Talk birth chart

Jan 15, 2003 04:33 AM
by dalval14

Jan 15 2003

Dear Friends:

This astrological jam perhaps tells the cognoscenti something. but the
ordinary guy, little or nothing.

How can we get our bearings? Where do we start?

Here we are given is esoteric astrological terms something relating to
the commencement of Theos-talk. We have enjoyed its work and its
continuity. Thanks Eldon.

We could not ask for "authorities," if we have no idea of who knows
and who pretends to know. This sharp pointed query soon tells who is
able to present truth (at least in the terms of the A B Cs) and who
obscures it. How is the ignorant one to be helped? How is the
curious one to know if he is going to get the "straight goods?"

A basis is needed == fundamentals == not mysteries -- unless
one intends to be misty and foggy in the future as we have been up to

Does it relate to physical, situational, psychic, or spiritual

Why do we need to know the intersections of so many of the secret
forces, and their timing in matter? If we can answer that, then we
will know why we have any interest, or curiosity about astrology.

It has been said that the Masters of Wisdom know the "ultimate
divisions of time." Does this modern astrology and astronomy concern
themselves with that? Or are they approximations? And how close to
focus are they? Can they predict ay future with accuracy?

In India, for instance there are some extremely recondite and ancient
calculations that are kept by certain Brahmins, to whose ancestors,
were entrusted the Taraka-maya (II 45) whose records began in Atlantis
( II 353 ) [Taraka -- a "demon-giant" II 382] (Maya = Illusion) --
the assumption is that these secret calculations carry back over a
million years to the period when Atlantis ruled the Earth.

And I might add that there are wonderful ancient books on astrology
concerning the accuracy of which I heard many a tale when I lived in
India. But that was hear-say from credible witnesses, who had no
reason to mystify or prevaricate.

The SURYA [Sun] SIDDANTHA [collection, or "list" of POWERS, motions,
and effects -- under KARMA, for our solar system and earth] is the
most ancient of these truly antediluvian and antique records (II 326).

Look at the information H P B draws from her studies in the Zodiac in
those volumes (see INDEX ) .

But also look at the whole of the 1st and 2nd volumes of The SECRET
DOCTRINE -- is this not a treatise on astrology, the zodiacal
records, and the past that was ours in our earlier incarnations in
ancient races ? Would it not reflect to us our development and
struggles, all of which, according to Karma, have been the molders of
our present, as it merges into our future ? We made the past, and it
is our destiny to live it out when it returns.

But of what use is "astrology?" Does it say anything deeper? does it
tell us how to behave? Can it help us develop our character? Does it
speak to the future? And what have to fear or look forward to in that
future? Does it teach us to try to doge the inevitable? What are we
curious about? Karma? Our own situation or that of a "group?" And
why bother anyway?

If we are immortal Pilgrims, (Monads, Spiritual Entities -- the
Three-In-One -- ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS) then, whatever happens, we endure.
We continue, we live on, We learn and improve. Personally I would
say: let the future come, whatever it may be, we need not worry or
anticipate. If we are wise, we will raise our capacity to know and
understand to such a pitch we can meet any "future" that comes. Now,
how is this to be done?

Astrological foundations are based on the fixed and eternal motions of
forces (spiritual, psychic and physical) and of many kinds and levels
of beings in the Universe, (ranging from the Dhyanis, the Rishis, and
the Buddhas, to the savages, whose intellect is still to be developed)
some greater and others far weaker than we are. Yet all are
coordinated by Universal LAW. No chaos there.

There is a bond for all. What do we see around us: diversity,
intolerance, strife, fear, ignorance, presumption, and a panorama of
vices that is appalling. One wonders that we have to live in such a
mess. Well, since we are here, we made it, and now we have to dig
out. I would say that a knowledge of Theosophy provides us with quite
a shovel, but still, it will be our efforts to dig that will count.

A great deal can be said, as H P B and Judge have on the subject, but
exactly how does this relate to Theosophy?

In the S D are a number of valuable statements, but the key one,
perhaps is in S D I 572-3 where it is said it deals with the
"personality." [ see also: Secret Doctrine II 500fn, 179, 23,
S D I 105, 532, 642, 645-7, 638, 572-3 ]

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Phillip Lindsay
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 11:40 AM
Subject: Theos Talk birth chart

Thanks for that bit of info Eldon. I concur with Adelasie's remarks.
Gemini Sun and rising with Venus in Gemini smack on the Ascendant.
Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini acording to DK, and harmonises
the pairs of opposite on the mental plane. The second ray of Love-
Wisdom is very strong in Gemini, with dialogue and communication as
the key that underlies loving relationships. Gemini is ever so much
the curious enquirer...this is a great chart for working toward
loving understanding through communication.
The key aspect to watch is the Scorpio Moon widely conjunct Pluto,
opposing Mars and Mercury (exoteric ruler of Gemini)in Taurus. From
one angle it speaks of the battle between attachment to knowledge
(Taurus) and an intensely emotional (Scorpio) adherence to that
knowledge, resisting and fighting (sometimes acrimoniously) all who
challenge that reality structure. It also reflects the penetrating
depth of the enquiry (Scorpio) and the treasury of wisdom (Taurus,
the Mother of Illumination) that a group of souls such as this
possesses. This is not an uncommon aspect in charts of groups like
this. One would hope that the continual refinement of thought
through right speech and dialogue, contributes to the quality of the
planetary mental body.


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