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Theos Talk birth chart

Jan 14, 2003 11:39 AM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

Thanks for that bit of info Eldon. I concur with Adelasie's remarks.
Gemini Sun and rising with Venus in Gemini smack on the Ascendant. 
Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini acording to DK, and harmonises 
the pairs of opposite on the mental plane. The second ray of Love-
Wisdom is very strong in Gemini, with dialogue and communication as 
the key that underlies loving relationships. Gemini is ever so much 
the curious enquirer...this is a great chart for working toward 
loving understanding through communication.
The key aspect to watch is the Scorpio Moon widely conjunct Pluto, 
opposing Mars and Mercury (exoteric ruler of Gemini)in Taurus. From 
one angle it speaks of the battle between attachment to knowledge 
(Taurus) and an intensely emotional (Scorpio) adherence to that 
knowledge, resisting and fighting (sometimes acrimoniously) all who 
challenge that reality structure. It also reflects the penetrating 
depth of the enquiry (Scorpio) and the treasury of wisdom (Taurus, 
the Mother of Illumination) that a group of souls such as this 
possesses. This is not an uncommon aspect in charts of groups like 
this. One would hope that the continual refinement of thought 
through right speech and dialogue, contributes to the quality of the 
planetary mental body.


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