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Re: Shamballa behind facism ?

Jan 16, 2003 07:13 AM
by Suzanne " <>

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> Hi all of you,
> Sometimes I just don't get Alice A. Baileys views.
> What was that woman thinking ?

Shamballa force is Divine Will. When it descends into the lower 
worlds, the force quite naturually corrupts and descends through the 
least line of resistance in every individual... some individuals are 
more corrupt than others.

Most sincerely,

> Alice A. Bailey: "The Externalization of the Hierarchy"
> "It was the acuteness of this situation, and the wide extent of the 
cleavage, which induced the watching Hierarchy to permit a direct 
inflow of the Shamballa force (in spite of its attendant risks) to 
pour into the world. The objective was to stimulate the free will of 
the masses; the result upon them has been relatively good as it has 
led to the formulation and expression of the great world ideologies - 
Fascism, [127] Democracy and Communism as well as that peculiarly 
distorted blend of Fascism and Communism which goes by the name of 
Hitlerism or Nazism. All these ideologies are fostered by the desire 
of the masses for the betterment of the condition in which the 
populace in any country lives and it has become focused, expressive 
and creative by the force of the Shamballa influence. But another 
result of this inflow of the will-to-power has been to stimulate a 
certain group of outstanding personalities in many lands so that they 
have assumed control of the masses and can thus determine the 
policies and methods - religious, political and social - of the 
different nations. In every nation a relatively small group of people 
decide all important issues and determine all major national 
activities. This they do either by force, terror and deception or by 
persuasion, fair words and the application of ideological motives. Of 
this situation in the world the Lords of Destiny are availing 
themselves in order to bring the ancient conflict to an end and so 
enable humanity to pass into the new Aquarian Age relatively free and 
with a clearer understanding of right human aims, right relationships 
and man's predestined future."
> Was Shamballa behind Hitler and facism ?
> Can any pro-Bailey honestly say, they support the above view ?
> Was this view channeld by a Master named D.K ?
> Feel free to comment and do your best...
> from
> M. Sufilight
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