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Re: Theos-World Practical Occultism

Jan 16, 2003 08:04 AM
by Nick Weeks

From: <>

Foster Bailey:
"The age-old method of arriving at truth by the process of accepting
new authorities and comparing them with previously established
doctrines, while of undoubted value in the training of the mind, is
gradually being transcended. "

Why would an "age-old" method be transcended? Because of a equinoctial
precession? Because the Blue Books say so?

"In its place is emerging in both the
religious and philosophical worlds a new capacity to take a more
scientific position. Spiritual teaching will be increasingly
accepted as an hypothesis to be proved less by scholasticism,
historical foundation and authority, and more by the results of its
effect upon the life lived and its practical usefulness in solving
the problems of humanity. Heretofore, advanced esoteric teaching has
almost invariably been obtainable only by the student's acceptance
of the authority of the teacher, varying degrees of personal
obedience to that teacher and pledges of secrecy. As the new
Aquarian dispensation progresses these limitations will

A needless & false dichotomy. Even the "ageold" approach never made (nor now
makes) such a split between the practical "life lived" and tradition and
authority. Nor is any degree of enlightenment a quid pro quo based on
personal obedience, secrecy or accepting authority. It is based on genuine
reverence for the Guru & the tradition, based on the "effects upon the lives
lived" of the Guru & his lineage. The old way has always been scientific in
approach. The disciples & Brothers, then and now, compare their visions &
insights & inner research just as materialistic science does. That old,
passe, Picean SD has a passage to that effect.

There is an Aquarian effect, but no dispensation. HPB mentions some peculiar
psychological effects on mankind that will occur.

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