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Re: Theos-World Practical Occultism

Jan 16, 2003 10:11 AM
by Phillip Lindsay " <>

> A needless & false dichotomy. Even the "ageold" approach never 
made (nor now
> makes) such a split between the practical "life lived" and 
tradition and
> authority. Nor is any degree of enlightenment a quid pro quo 
based on
> personal obedience, secrecy or accepting authority. It is based 
on genuine
> reverence for the Guru & the tradition, based on the "effects 
upon the lives
> lived" of the Guru & his lineage. The old way has always been 
scientific in
> approach. The disciples & Brothers, then and now, compare their 
visions &
> insights & inner research just as materialistic science does. 
That old,
> passe, Picean SD has a passage to that effect.
> There is an Aquarian effect, but no dispensation. HPB mentions 
some peculiar
> psychological effects on mankind that will occur.

Clarification may come from seeing the greater trends in terms of 
the races. The Fifth Rootrace as reached its apotheosis of 
development and the sixth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace is gradually 
forming, which will be the seed of the Sixth Rootrace. Manas was the 
main quality developed in the Fifth and the expression of buddhi 
will be perfected in the sixth. It is that intuitive-buddhic quality 
of the Sixth that will replace the concrete mental approach of the 

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