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Re: Theos-World - US Karma

Sep 26, 2001 04:34 PM
by Dennis Kier

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Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 2:46 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World - US Karma

> At 20.42 24. 9. 01., you wrote:
> >With all the home factories that there were in Japan, there was no
> >to separate the civilian targets from the military targets. I
> >from your message that you have never been to a city that an
> >on-the-ground military operation has passed through.
> >
> >You, in my opinion, have absolutely no idea what you are talking
> >about.
> Dennis, I was personally in war recently, my country, my city and
even all
> three houses and apartments my family own were bombed, one even
twice ...
> In WWII my country of 12.5 millions had 2-3 times more civil victims
> US and Japan together, in absolute numbers.
> You repeat argument 'we were unable to invade Japan without bombing
> civilians.' I commented it already: fight them fair and if you can
> then don't fight them at all. More than that is war crime.

That is sort of difficult, since they attacked us, and initiated the
war. Check out their war of aggression in China and the Phillipines
before and after they attacked us. We were quite a bit mor benign than
they. After all, everywhere American troops went, the local population
benefited, got food and medical aid, and humanitarian aid. That was
not the case where their troops went.

> Japan was ready for peaceful solution and bombing of Hiroshima
killed twice
> more civilians than US lost in whole WWII, so argument of
self-defence can
> not be applied.

This is really ludicrous. As I said, you have very little idea of what
you are talking about.

I have a photo postcard that was sold at the Bomb Museum in Nagasaki
at ground zero. I assume that you will concede that the Japanese there
in Nagasaki had some idea of the figures. This photo is of a large
plaque at the entrance to the Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki.

It reads in part, that the burnt area was 73,116,000 square feet,
there were 11,574 destroyed houses, that there were 1326 collapsed
houses, and that there were 73,884 dead from the blast, and including
those that later died from their blast injuries and radiation, the
total becomes 78,796 dead. More civillians than the total US
casualties - my foot! You would do well to check your facts.

And, since I have the photo, I will send it to you as an email
attachment to your address, so that it doesn't need to be on this
list. If someone else wants to see it, they should email me privately.


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