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Re: Theos-World - US Karma

Sep 22, 2001 09:40 PM
by leonmaurer

Here's something more to think about (ignoring the purveyors of racial and 
religious hatred on this topic) -- written by a serious fellow theosophist 
who doesn't subscribe to this forum.  

One of the core issues America is facing right now, and which must be 
addressed if we are to not only heal, but evolve from the present moment is: 


Like begets like. 

And not only the obvious, "What have we done to warrant such hatred?" (from 
the Jihad mindset, for example)…

But also: 

What kind of hatred do we (collectively as a nation) harbor? 

Some possible answers worth exploring are: 

1. Hatred of cultures so different from ours (ignorance = fear = hatred). 

2. Hatred of Mother Earth (How else can we rape her as we have been?) 

3. Hatred of children everywhere, by unwittingly exposing them to sugar, 
caffeine, violence, empty promises and predators within the family and 

4. Self-hatred for all of the above, plus: 

a) Stealing Native American lands and resources; 

b) Breaking countless promises to them repeatedly to this day; 

c) Enslavement of Africans, and; 

d) Never giving the promised "40 acres and a mule" upon "freeing 

e) Letting politicians lie to those they supposedly represent; 

f) Using the A-bomb twice on Japan; 

g) Napalming countless villages and innocent people in Vietnam; 

a. Bombing innocent people in Baghdad; 
b. Being so preoccupied with the illusions of Hollywood; 
c. Allowing the nuclear family to self-destruct by the wrong-headed 
interpretation of "equality" between the sexes, rather than the more worthy 
efforts to create a greater "balance" between them.

There are likely more, but every one of those listed above has been left in 
denial and covered over by projecting this self-hatred onto the presumed 
object of said hatred.

The 'catastrophe' of September 11, 2001, may prove historically to be a great 
turning point in America's awareness of its own selfishness, materialism, 
false idols -- and be seen as the moment when we woke up to a greater 
collective understanding of ourselves as a people and as individuals -- 
having become and even greater nation for it.

What greater good could be gotten from such a tragedy?

With love, 

R. Pera

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