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RE: [bn-basic] Welcome to an Inquirere N. "Greenhorn"

Sep 26, 2001 05:16 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Dear friend Nor----- -----Man:

Perhaps this may give you an idea of the work that students of Theosophy are
engaged in.

Welcome to the “workshop.” Hope you enjoy exchanges of ideas as we all do.

I believe Theosophy offers us all a fresh way of looking at Nature’s
phenomena and tries to indicate the universal laws that underlie every
aspect of its cooperative workings. Of course, you must understand that
there are many expressions of it, and this is purely my own way of
understanding it.

Theosophy does not set itself up as a creed or set of beliefs (or
hypotheses) in which its statements are to “believed” on “faith” i.e.
unproven. A great number of Adepts and their Pupils have actively been
studying Nature and her secret ways of work for thousands of years. If you
have a copy of The SECRET DOCTRINE, or can access it “on line” as through
BLAVATSKY.NET you will find in vol. I on pp 272-3 an expressions of this
ongoing work in which we all participate.

It claims to be a statement of facts in nature -- and leaves those which we
are not aware of to be proved or disproved by us. It always gives each of
us entire freedom to inquire into everything. Nothing is “taboo.” It also
demands we prove everything ourselves and cut all dependency on “authority.”

The method of its formulation has been in existence in some form or another
(since the very beginning of man’s capacity to think independently -- and
that is millions of years ago) to make statements of the rules and laws that
underlie Nature’ processes. It recognizes that not all those laws have been
taught in either religious bodies or in educational institutions that follow
the discoveries and hypotheses of Science. But since it is very ancient it
claims to be the source and origin of all the present world religions and
sciences --- and says that if we trace each of those back to their
foundations, we will find them to be the same teachings as are pour forward
in modern “Theosophy.” [ Theos = godlike; Sophia = wisdom ]

In other words it looks for verifiable Truth. and expects all who encounter
it to examine, test and verify (or the reverse) its doctrines.

It claims to be very ancient--as an expressions of the discoveries of a band
of Sages and their disciples-- (see SECRET DOCTRINE I 272-3, on its
antiquity and methods of investigation and recording). It gives to, as a
basis, and recognizes the freedom of the individual.

It claims to be wise because it has subjected itself constantly to rigorous
examination -- and this process continues wit all of us today, as every
pupil is expected to test and prove to themselves the accuracy of the
Theosophical statements.

In what way, then does it differ from Science or Religion.

1. It has no dogmas. It demands that each individual work and prove
all claims.

2. It discourages any “authority,” “blind belief” or “faith.”

3. It recognizes the freedom of each individual Mind/Soul to
independently investigate all aspects of knowledge, and especially those
which seem to be novel or difficult to understand. It provides PRINCIPLES
and expects all who use them to first try to prove their exactitude and need
to themselves. Thereafter they can be used with confidence.

4. The first Proposition it advances is to consider SPACE as
UNIVERSAL and unlimited.
All forms, all Beings, all Intelligences, occupy and have a place for their
existence in the ONE UNIVERSAL -- SPACE. SPACE is multilayered, just as for
instance in physical matter we recognize solids, liquids, gasses and the
mysterious elements of FIRE and ELECTRO-MAGNETISM. Behind all these are
LIFE as a force, MIND as a Plan, and the SPIRIT that is the UNIVERSAL AND
IMPARTIAL SOURCE of all BEINGS. IT has always existed, and will continue to

5. The Second Proposition is that the Universe and all beings of any
and all degrees, visible or invisible, interact according to LAWS; and these
LAWS cannot be altered or changed by any Being or Intelligence (including a
non-existent “Personal God”), no matter how powerful or “advanced.”These
Laws are the sensitive reactions that Nature has in place for all beings ,
and they serve to unite all into ONE.

6. The Third Proposition is that every Being in the Universe shares
in the Highest and most Wise aspect of knowledge -- as this is one of the
all-pervasive and unlimited aspects of SPACE. It cannot be expressed except
in terms of metaphysical ultimates: as for instance TRUTH, VIRTUE, SPIRIT,
DEITY the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. NATURE, etc… [ It is NOT a “Personal God.”]

The name given to this Highest aspect of Manifestation is SPIRIT, ATMA, and
various other names meaning the ONE ALL AND ONLY ONE. In no religion has it
ever been given a “NAME.” This is another reason for Universal Brotherhood.
If we are able to trace our religions back to their original source we
always will find the Revealer or Prophet speaking of a UNNAMED PRINCIPLE
which is impartial and universal as well as just, fair and UNDYING.

7. Whether we consider an “atom” (or the minutest sub-atomic
particle), or the entire SPATIAL VOLUME -- the greatest that our minds can
conceive -- all is ALIVE, has the power to record experiences, and, IT has
an individual undying CONSCIOUSNESS, and an Intelligence of its own. To be
brief. Every FORM has at its core an immortal and undying SPIRITUAL CENTER.
All these are united indissolubly by the ONE SPIRIT OF THE ILLIMITABLE

8. The purpose of the Universe is to provide a School of experience
to the Soul which lives at the core of every being -- the “atom,” the
“plant, the “animal,” and the “human.” Evolution of Intelligenceis a
constant and ever continuous process. It is to us the CAUSELESS CAUSE that
has propelled every being into Life, and thereafter, has given it the power
to work for its own enlightment. It is a profound response to the “senseof
incompleteness” -- which can only be expressed as infinite, tender, gentle
and all supporting LOVE. The Love of Truth, and the compassion for all
living things, and, our human brothers and sisters everywhere.

8. Theosophy claims that Wisdom (SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE ) is internal
to every Being / Form, and that, as time and experience focuses a greater
and increasing degree of knowledge in the learning unit ( a “Monad”
the individual intelligence passes from the lower stages (elemental,
mineral, vegetable, animal) to the HUMAN stage where it becomes (by
self-effort) a THINKER.

9. Each Being is an eternal, and undying “Monad.” It has a growing
Intelligence. It stores for all eternity a memory of the experiences it
undergoes. It shares this with all other Monads, so there are no secrets.
It is attracted primarily to “Monads of Greater Experience” (Humans) sothat
it may itself become wiser. In each Monad resides it “character.” And,
depending on how the monads have been used by mankind, so they act to store
the “Karma” of every human. They flow out into the world and when they
cyclically return to us they invariably bring with them the impression we
made on them before they left -- it may be for good or ill. We made it.

10. Every Human is a THINKER -- a MIND in evolution. It is a
Mind/Soul or a Monad that has reached a stage where it is “free” to conduct
its own education. This freedom brings on responsibility. That is
epitomized in the concept of living, being and acting as a member of the
another name for the UNIVERSE.

11. As a single life-time is inadequate for a human to learn
everything that the UNIVERSE has to offer, it takes many incarnations
(repeated lives) to acquire a knowledge of, and a proof of the above
mentioned propositions and statements. Reincarnation is an actual fact in
nature. All beings, as Intelligent Units, share in this ever-progressive
faculty. All show the marks of the character and the intelligence that they
have so far developed.

12. Such Wisdom is already inherent in it as the SPIRITUAL POLE of the
MONAD (Atma). The Forms it uses as it progresses are also innate to it in:
PRIMORDIAL MATTER (Buddhi) Its CONSCIOUSNESS (Manas) is undying, and
continuously attracts and stores all aspects of learning that it experiences
or determines to grasp. Manas (Mind) looks at both sides of the MONAD and
watches their interplay at all times. We are manasic beings. Mind-endowed.

13. One could say that the purifying and clarifying of the “form”
aspect of our Monadic nature enables us to eventually perceive the inherent
TRUTH (a perception of Universal law) that it has always enshrined. In
effect our limitations and our ignorance are the result of neglecting to
perceive and act on the TRUTHS ( Intuitions ) we already possess.

14. Since the UNIVERSE runs according to LAW ( Karma = ACTION and
REACTION ) every free choice we make, leaves an impression on the living and
sensitive material used by every intelligence to build its own “Form.”

15. These Karmic impressions made by our independent choices on our
“lower principles” (our forms) or, the “Monads of lesser experience,” form
the basis for our Karma (which may be “good,” or “bad”). The direction and
motive of our choices makes for the quality of our lives now and in the
future as their results mature.

16. Humanity in general is very close to the beginning of the cycle of
its self-educative stage of e developing Human Intelligence. We are (on
examination of our nature) to be found seeking to learn more of the
supportive and all-prevalent LAWS of NATURE. At the same time we seek to
purify our material “sheaths,” or “vehicles,” of the ignorance thathas made
them obstructive and blurred transmitters of TRUTH.

17. Our attitude, when we realize we are self-obstructed, ought to be
to seek for the CAUSE of this impediment. We find that it resides in our
desire, passions, in selfishness and a desire to enjoy ease without
obstructions or the onus of duties. We will find that this psychological
entity is closely allied to our Mind, because without us engaged in our slow
but sure study of our mind’s faculties, it cannot secure for itself the
selfish ease and isolation it presently values. In general this selfish and
ease-seeking “Principle” is named KAMA and it represents the highest set of
qualities that animal evolution provides. It is the realm of virtue and
vice. Vice is said to be an exaggerated virtue.

18. Virtues may be briefly described as all actions that are in accord
with UNIVERSAL LAW. Vices are all actions that are purely selfish, and
aimed primarily at satisfying our comfort, ease, pleasure -- at the expense
of others, and of the conjoint duties we are responsible for.

19. The true spiritual Man learns to identify and separate the motives
of both VIRTUE (Buddhi - Wisdom), and VICE ( Kama - selfish desire ). This
is essentially the present arena of human development. That is why it is
presently so difficult for us to disentangle THOUGHT from DESIRE. (Nous
from Psyche). We all tend to think that the Psych and the psychic self is
the True Self. and, this is an error, for the psychic self changes and
alters constantly, the TRUE ELF never changes and is always stable.

20. To summarize. Theosophy holds that we are each an IMMORTAL
working through the process of self-education in an eternal School. Each
life as an incarnation, is a “day” in this “School.” Our life, today is a
“day” in this class. The subject for study is our selves as SPIRITUAL,
Psychic, and, as a human form. Our tool is the MIND. We the IMMORTAL
PERCEIVER, observing our condition, decide what we will learn and how fast
we will learn it. Each human being will be fund to be a miniature Universe.
Every function of the Universe will be found in germ or functioning in

21. We are all restrained in the future by our past and present
choices, as we will be elevated or obstructed by the quality of generosity,
or, of selfishness resident in the MOTIVE behind our selection of the
pathways of education for ourselves. Our selection is always free. Nature
returns to us in exact measure the quality of the nature (virtuous or
vicious) of our thought, feelings and deeds.

I know there will be many questions that arise from this summary, which
unified all aspects of living, as our schools and religious instruction
rarely seems to entirely cover this vast area of development that each of us
is faced with.

Best wishes



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Subject:: 3 FUNDAMENTALS, 3 Evolutionary schemes, 3 GOALS of Evolution

Hello again,

I was further reading this article & found another couple of points, those
on wisdom. You state that all religions have identical teachings, well that
is not strictly true. My "religion" in the very loose sense of the word is
not based upon teachings as such, it is based upon the experience of nature.
There are other religions that are the antithesis of this, and believe that
rather than experience the divine through nature, seek to suppress nature in
order to reach the divine. It is tempting to try & draw parallels between
all religions & belief structures, but in order to do so one would be forced
to ignore, or attempt to explain away, those ideas which do not fit.

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