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Re: Theos-World - US Karma

Sep 23, 2001 01:24 PM
by Majorinc, Kazimir

Bart wrote:

> f) Using the A-bomb twice on Japan;

Which, in the long run, caused a LOT fewer Japanese deaths than an
invasion of the mainland (the only other reasonable alternative). Or,
are you saying that death by a bigger bomb is somehow worse than death
by a bunch of smaller bombs?
Bart, you are right about most things you write, terrorists do not care about American sins from past, and if violence against burglars, robbers and similar is justified, then there should be no doubt about violence against terrorists. It seems that people call on ahimsa only against strong and dangerous enemies, but never against small local criminals. However, justifying A-bomb is to much, Bart. Both small and big bombings of civilians are forbidden, invasion is - if army is strong enough, possible without bombing of civilians - and if it is not possible, it is not possible and period. Everything more than that is officially classified war crime. Real motive is much simpler, it is - we will kill your daughters so you give up from killing our soldiers. Understandable, but not less criminal.

I think that every philosophical system that pretend to explain things in their deepness, as theosophy do, should offer clear and unambiguous answers on ethical questions like those recently discussed on this list.


Kazimir Majorinc, Zagreb, Croatia
M e r c y o f C h a o s

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