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Re: clear thinking & US Karma

Sep 23, 2001 10:30 AM
by Nick Weeks

From: "Bart Lidofsky" <>

> It's an interesting piece. There are even a few half-truths among the
> out-and-out lies contained therein. But it certainly got me thinking.

An excellent & accurate response Bart.

In chapter 18 of the Bhagavad Gita, verses 20-22 three levels of
understanding or knowledge are listed. Each type flows from the three main
qualities of matter -- clarity (sattvic), passionate (rajas) & clouded
(tamas). Verse 22 puts it (Miller trs.)

"Knowledge that clings to a single thing as if it were the whole,
limited, lacking a sense of reality, is known for its dark inertia."

Too much of modern thought is characterized this way. See it in the rise &
popularity of "single issue" voters, workers, thinkers & terrorists. It is
very much a simple, fundamentalist way of "thinking" and is not confined to
any particular viewpoint. It seems all pervasive today.

What to do about it is another question, and I have no response at the
ready -- except for WQ Judge's aphorism (modified by me) -- "never throw
anyone (or any philosophy, religion, nation or system of thought) out of your

Fare Thee Well,


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