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RE: With us or against us... NOW ? or FOREVER ? Whatispermanent ?

Sep 26, 2001 04:30 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Dear Friends:

In considering the present crisis so deeply affecting all of the
world in one way or another, but ourselves who are close,

It might be good to look at some of the principles that theosophy
offers us to understand what has happened and what may happen.
What, for instance may be the rules and laws of Nature that go
into operation ?

Our present day national divisions are arbitrary. Historically
every 30, 60 120, 300, 600 years the political map of the world
gets redrawn. Wars, genocide, atrocities, violence against other
unknown persons seem to arise and their cause or source never
seems to be discovered. Terrorism is not new in the world. One
needs to understand why and how it arises and whether "fear" that
is engendered can be made to resolve itself into understanding
and such precautions as we may take then proceed in an orderly
way. This is not in any way condoning the horrible and terrible
atrocities precipitated on innocents in an incredibly heartless,
senseless and arbitrary manner.

If we take the Theosophical teaching that we are immortal
Spirit/Souls who are in evolution, using many bodies to perfect
our knowledge and wisdom then the present personality in a
particular race, religion or political designation has little

These are external labels, attached to us and others, by reason
of our karmic incarnation and the experiences that our past now
provides for us, in harmony with Nature, to adjust.

But this is not easy to accept, since our whole education has
predisposed us to accept and respect those political and
religious limits in which this present personality is educated to

The Spirit / soul (ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS) in each of us has the
qualities of:

It is deathless

It has no sex

It has no specific religion other than a deep sense of the
justice, equity and fairness that resides and guides all things,
men and events at their base.

It has a sense of destiny, of karmic fate and knows that every
thought, feeling or deed will cause a corresponding effect,
sooner or later to come back to us

If one reads the sections under KARMA in either the KEY TO
THEOSOPHY (HPB) or the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY ( Judge ) one will find
the doctrines well explained.

In her article TRANSMIGRATION OF LIFE ATOMS H P B explains how
the Karmic link with the "LITTLE-LIVES" is formed by us when we
choose anything. [ see BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol.
5, p. 110; "Theosophist," July/Aug,. 1883; U L T H P B
Articles, Vol. II, p. 249 ]. It is an important article and will
assist in linking the evolution of all beings as SPIRITUAL UNITS
that are using PHYSICAL FORMS as their vehicles for developing an
ever-increasing INTELLIGENCE.

Best wishes,



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Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2001 7:25 AM
Subject: Theos-World With us or against us...

How do we deal with us and them?
We have been raised with the "us and them" routine.
Should they become more like us or should we become more like
The Dream/Vision that STARTED every single country is what Peter
states in a post:
Is Israel or Palestine, India, Afghanistan or Europe also a state
of mind?
Do we not
need to rediscover our common human-ness (the spirit of humanity)
as the
true ideal of Brotherhood rather than our 'american-nes' or
Each country in a crisis embraces more fiercely its heritage for
the very
reasons Peter Merriott well points out. Theosophy unequivocably
states that
the underlying root of these Dream/Vision countries ,including
America ,is
based on the same undying root of the Eternal , Endless and
Unbegun seeking
to express itself in all these different locations and various
climes and
How grateful we are for those "originators" yet Theosophy once
again points
out that these "start-up" initial brightnesses are no different
perhaps in
essence and as Shakespeare points out "What is past is prologue".
When we poke and prod and try to find more of our Americaness or
or Greekness or whatever one we begin to feel closer to those
Well , what strength , what might , what fortitude , what
rightness , what
comfort we find and our spirits are raised once more to something
a true human being.
for , as we find Theosophy stating, all of a sudden they all seem
very much
alike in their ability to rouse us from our "current" state to
resembling more like their state ,perhaps ,which Theosophy again
states that
Initiates in all the nations and races were united through this
ancient bond
which was later on separated by the heresy (Dire heresy of
It is that we are , perhaps , seeking when we attempt to "seek
our roots"
but get lost in the personal aspects of everyone's background and
miss the
target of our search and come up "half" full. The difference in
our search
may be numerically stated.
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1= half full
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 = ,Full
Let us seek the Fullness.
Let us "bomb with butter".

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