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With us or against us...

Sep 25, 2001 07:25 AM
by DNisk98114

How do we deal with us and them?
We have been raised with the "us and them" routine.
Should they become more like us or should we become more like them?
The Dream/Vision that STARTED every single country is what Peter Merriott 
states in a post:
Is Israel or Palestine, India, Afghanistan or Europe also a state of mind? 
Do we not
need to rediscover our common human-ness (the spirit of humanity) as the
true ideal of Brotherhood rather than our 'american-nes' or 'english-ness'?
Each country in a crisis embraces more fiercely its heritage for the very 
reasons Peter Merriott well points out. Theosophy unequivocably states that 
the underlying root of these Dream/Vision countries ,including America ,is 
based on the same undying root of the Eternal , Endless and Unbegun seeking 
to express itself in all these different locations and various climes and 
How grateful we are for those "originators" yet Theosophy once again points 
out that these "start-up" initial brightnesses are no different perhaps in 
essence and as Shakespeare points out "What is past is prologue".
When we poke and prod and try to find more of our Americaness or Englishness 
or Greekness or whatever one we begin to feel closer to those "Ancient 
Well , what strength , what might , what fortitude , what rightness , what 
comfort we find and our spirits are raised once more to something resembling 
a true human being.
for , as we find Theosophy stating, all of a sudden they all seem very much 
alike in their ability to rouse us from our "current" state to something 
resembling more like their state ,perhaps ,which Theosophy again states that 
Initiates in all the nations and races were united through this ancient bond 
which was later on separated by the heresy (Dire heresy of Separateness).
It is that we are , perhaps , seeking when we attempt to "seek our roots" 
but get lost in the personal aspects of everyone's background and miss the 
target of our search and come up "half" full. The difference in our search 
may be numerically stated.
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1= half full
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 = ,Full
Let us seek the Fullness.
Let us "bomb with butter".

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