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Re: Theos-World - US Karma

Sep 25, 2001 02:49 PM
by Majorinc, Kazimir

At 20.42 24. 9. 01., you wrote:

With all the home factories that there were in Japan, there was no way
to separate the civilian targets from the military targets. I assume
from your message that you have never been to a city that an
on-the-ground military operation has passed through.

You, in my opinion, have absolutely no idea what you are talking
Dennis, I was personally in war recently, my country, my city and even all three houses and apartments my family own were bombed, one even twice ... In WWII my country of 12.5 millions had 2-3 times more civil victims than US and Japan together, in absolute numbers.

You repeat argument 'we were unable to invade Japan without bombing of civilians.' I commented it already: fight them fair and if you can not, then don't fight them at all. More than that is war crime.

Japan was ready for peaceful solution and bombing of Hiroshima killed twice more civilians than US lost in whole WWII, so argument of self-defence can not be applied.

However, because it is theosophical list, is anyone aware of official attitude of different theosophical societies or eminent theosophical authors about that particular event? As I already said, philosophy that pretend to explain essence of human being should be able to give unambiguous answers on that problems.

Kazimir Majorinc, Zagreb, Croatia
M e r c y o f C h a o s

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