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Re: The Human Soul

Sep 25, 2001 02:14 PM
by IronGround

>:-) Hi - that Soul travel question I wonder about sometimes is if the Soul 
sometimes goes off by itself - travelling throughout Heaven - leaving the 
Physical body, and leaving the Astral body still within the Physical, and 
also leaving the Mental body within the Physical - in other words, just the 
Causal body by itself, travelling around? - still in touch with the lower 
bodies through the Sutratma? So this could be done while we are awake on the 
Physical, and we might not even know it was going on.

Another question is, if this type of Soul travel goes on, then what about the 
body of the Soul on the Buddhic Plane, and the body of the Soul on the lower 
levels of the Atmic Plane - Leadbeater saying that the Soul has bodies on 
these Planes as well as on the Causal Plane - do these bodies also travel 
around with the Causal body during it's travels? - the Buddhic Plane Soul and 
Atmic Plane Soul probably still being asleep even when the Soul (Causal Plane 
Soul) is highly developed and awake.

And I have never actually experienced any of the higher Spatial dimensions - 
I said that I was convinced that they are a reality in my original post, but 
actually I shouldn't have said that - although I strongly suspect that they 
are a reality - g'Day! >:-) Grounge

In a message dated 9/25/01 11:14:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> >:-) My understanding is that our Soul is in the form of the Augeoides 
> - a composite of all of the best features of all of our Physical lives - 
> are we to suppose that this composite form is located within our Physical 
> body? - the Heaven Plane Atoms that make up the body of our Soul 
> interpenetrating our Physical body?
> Leadbeater describes three levels of the Soul - first, a very young Soul, 
> who 
> remains asleep during incarnations, and also between incarnations. Then, a 
> more developed Soul who remains asleep during incarnations, but then, 
> Physical death and after working through the Astral Plane and the lower 
> levels of the Mental Plane, finally arrives home - on the upper sub-planes 
> of 
> the Mental Plane - Heaven - awakening in the Soul's own Augeoides body I 
> suppose - living for a while there on that great Plane - perhaps even 
> talking 
> with the Guardian Angel who somehow forms a part of the Soul - that being 
> one 
> of the main subjects of the Secret Doctrine, although Blavatsky never 
> manages 
> to make very clear this relationship between the Soul and the Angel - but 
> least that relationship is stated and a few hints are given about it.
> And then there is the highly developed Soul who is awake even during 
> incarnations - Leadbeater saying that he talked with many of these Souls - 
> saying that many times these highly developed Souls feel a little - I 
> remember the word he used, but the idea was that the Soul sometimes does 
> like the fact that much Energy and Substance also must be spent on a 
> Physical 
> life - Leadbeater saying that the Soul realizes, though, that a Physical 
> life 
> is necessary for part of the Evolution of the Soul, and so the Soul sort 
> "tolerates" the Physical life. But Leadbeater doesn't say that all 
> Souls feel this way, so maybe many times the Soul likes and appreciates 
> their 
> Physical life?
> And Leadbeater says that if we, on the Phsical Plane, begin working along 
> lines that are of interest to the Soul, then the Soul will begin pouring 
> much 
> attention our way - that attention being of great benefit to us.
> One thing I've always wondered about, is in the case of this highly 
> developed 
> Soul, do they sometimes go off on their own - leaving the Physical body - 
> still attached to the Physical body by the Sutratma, I suppose, but going 
> off 
> somewhere in Heaven doing things we have no conception of?
> I can anticipate that many people might answer that saying that Space is 
> transcended in Heaven, so it's not a valid question - but I don't believe 
> that - many people say Space is transcended on the Astral Plane also, and 
> maybe that is True in some ways, but I think it's obvious that Space is 
> definitely a real factor on the Astral Plane - Astral travel being a 
> one that Leadbeater, and many people, including myself to some extent, 
> experienced. And I suspect that the same is True of Heaven - actual 
> travelling through Heaven Space being a reality? 
> And one of the main things about Leadbeater that I like is his talk about 
> Spatial dimensions - the Astral Plane having Four Spatial dimensions - the 
> Mental Plane having Five Spatial dimensions - this is one of my favorite 
> subjects - I've been working on it for about 15 years - still can't 
> completely visualize Four dimensional objects, but can come very close - 
> convinced that the higher dimensions are a Reality - even though one 
> usually encounter the Fourth dimension when Astral travelling - I never 
> and nobody is currently talking about it, that I've seen. Of course, the 
> Fourth dimension is a popular expression these days, but usually it just 
> seems to mean the Astral Plane, and has nothing to do with the Fourth 
> Spatial 
> dimension.
> But personally I still believe the Astral Plane does have Four dimensions 
> maybe in the not too distant Future, people will begin to experience it. 
> I believe Heaven has Five dimensions - so if a developed Soul does at 
> go off on Adventures, it's travels are probably Five dimensional - our 
> Physical World seeming like a sheet of paper, or actually just a slender 
> line, compared to Five dimensional Heaven.
> Also, Besant mentioned the higher Spatial dimensions at least once, and 
> Blavatsky alluded to them at least once. And Leadbeater said that when 
> humanity is ready, more of the Truth will be revealed. Maybe we are 
> approaching that now, but I don't expect as much as many people are 
> about - many people predicting all kinds of totally miraculous things that 
> are supposed to happen soon. According to Theosophy we're still in the 
> Fourth 
> Round of the Fourth Chain, so I think there's a limit to how much we can 
> develop now - g'Day! >:-) Grounge

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