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Re: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 15, 2001 01:56 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> You forgot to include the Roman Catholics this time in your bigoted,
> paranoid fantasies. If you want to participate in a theosophical group,
> you might consider re-reading the first object of all the Theosophical
> Societies.
> Bart Lidofsky

That you prefer to assassinate a person instead giving arguments shows once
more your character. Also it proofs that I speak the truth and you have no
counter arguments.
I use primary sources, of which many are genuine American, incl. US Congress
reports, Jewish Newspapers and Masonic documents from Paris ("Grand
I think it is an open question who here is bigoted and paranoid.
Nearly all the 200 wars the USA had in the world to vampirise innocent
nations and to live on their cost are the result of bigotry, paranoia,
hatred and the love for MAMMON.
What a luck that it is not you who decides who is allowed to participate a
theosophical group or not, there more as I can't remember that I ever saw
anything theosophical from you during the last years, all you ever presented
was faked theosophy.
I am very familiar with all first objects of all groups, despite the fact
that not two of them are exactly the same, but I think you mean "to form a
nucleus of Universal brotherhood..." Why do you mean to remember me on that?
It is just what I said before, that no ideology, no race, no religion has
the right to assume superiority over all others - and it is just that what
the financial Jews of the NY Wall Street try to do. Since 1913 they control
the US Governments and since then they agitate nation against nation to make
maxi profits for selling weapons to both sides. And after the war giving
credits for rebuilding the destroyed cities, which they destroyed before,
calling it "humanitarian". Chuzpee!
That is all against the first object of the TS, don't?
And I neither find in the first object nor in any other objects anything
which prevents me to speak out true facts as your threating statement
But you are a victim of the black magic Adyar system, so I forgive you as
you do not know better. The Adyarites always misuse their first object
attacking true speakers to shut their mouth when they see that someone has a
view point different from the allowed one. But that is not the "Universal
Brotherhood" HPB had in mind. HPB had in mind that different viewpoint come
together on a round table, but the perverted Jewish interpretation is: Only
my opinion is the right one and when I have rooted out all others then in
the whole world there remains only my own opinion and then we have peace and
Universal Brotherhood.
To me it is black magic of the worst kind.

To be logical to your interpretation of the first object you should
excommunicate HPB for writing such unbrotherly books like Isis and Secret

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