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Re: Theos-World US Karma

Sep 15, 2001 01:56 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> nos wrote:
> >
> > I agree with Frank.
> You're a neo-Nazi, too?
> Bart Lidofsky

To accuse me a Nazi is one more proof how the brainwashing of your Jewish
Hollywood propaganda runs. And that you call "freedom". But it is only a
freedom for lies, the truth has obviously no freedom in this masonry system,
except they gain profit from it.
Not every one who seeks for truth even on the risk to not on the side of the
mainstream Rothschild controlled meaning industry is automatically a Nazi.

All facts I wrote before I have taken from the best seller "Der Moloch"
("The Moloch, meaning the US tyrannical system) by the well known author
Karl-Heinz Deschner who is a foe of both Vatican and the Nazis.

Read Hamilton Fish's books about Roosevelt. Is Fish a Nazi too?
Note that f.e. the well known Tibet researcher Sven Hedin (who was praised
f.e. by Purucker) wrote in his book "America between the Continents" that
the USA were sole responsible for the WW. Are Hedin and Purucker also Nazis?
The same said the father of JFK, in the 1930'ies ambassador in Europe. A
Nazi? Perhaps JFK who wanted to take again government control about the
money, too?

Roosevelt (a Jewish name, meaning Rosefield or in German Rosenfeld) was a
high degree Mason as well known historical documents show. The letter
exchange to and fro the Paris Grand Orient Lodge is well known and a matter
of fact. That he was a lover of the Communists (and not only for tactical
reasons), naming his best friend Stalin (the biggest mass murder so far, who
killed around 100 million own Soviet people according to the recent "Black
book of communism") Uncle Joe, that in 1945 two thirds of all official US
posts were occupied by communists, is a matter of fact. His lesbian wife
supported him.
New OSS and CIA documents from the US National Library proof that the US in
the 1940's was nearer to a communist take over than believed and that the
danger was real. It was for this reason why the US Officials after the death
of Roosevelt changed their policy against Germany, seeing that Hitler was
right and that the USA erred, so they began to bring the Nazi elite to the
USA. The founding of the CIA in 1948 for example was done by the leading
Nazis, who exoterically died, escaped or committed suicide to ha legend for
the public and foreign intelligence.
You can buy these files in book form, edited by Gregory Douglas: "Gestapo
chief Heinrich Muller", a series of five or so vol.

So, is the US National Library also Nazi?

I have also many things from American Jewish newspapers, like the American
Hebrew and others, saying that they want a new world order with Jerusalem as
capitol and boycott calls and war declarations from early 1933 onwards
against Germany. Are the American Jews also Nazis?

So I seriously ask you what do you understand by the term Nazi in your use?
Is everyone a Nazi who is not a true believer in the propaganda of the US

Today I was afraid to see tv clips of your President Bush, who look always
as intelligent as a farm boy after ten whiskeys. Bush spoke several times of
Do you know any lecture, talk or article of Hitler that he spoke of such
hate? Remember how the Polish with the smiling Roosevelt in the back
massacred thousands of Germans in the 800 years of German city Danzig,
handed out by the Jewish-Masonic Versailles gangster treaty in 1919 to them.
I have spoken with many who survived this massacres which began in 1929 (4
years before Hitler came to power!) under the democratic German puppet
goverment of the Wall Street. After the number of refugees into German
controlled territority reached 20,000 a day in August 1939 Hitler decided to
send troops to protect the Germans. The Allied propaganda makes him
responsible for WW.
I hope you remember that when you hear Bush talking and that according to
your own historical standards (if there is no hypocrisy again) like Hitler
also Bush should be regarded as sole responsible for WW III. Or do you think
that new attacks against islamic nations will end the conflicts? Is Bush a
Nazi, too?

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